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Ritchey WCS Ergomax Road Bar

Let’s be honest, I have not readily embraced the flared handlebar culture. Early versions I tried were often quite extreme and invariably left me with aching wrists. I usually swapped...

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Ritchey WCS VentureMax Flared Handlebar

Not that long ago, flared handlebars were a bit of a novelty. But not any more. Practically every manufacturer has found space in their lineup for a flared bar nowadays, but not everyone...

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Ritchey Speedmax Cross Tyre 700x40c

Still a young buck or a bit long in the tooth? The design is well tried and tested. The Ritchey Speedmax Cross profile is hardly the new kid on the block however. I was interested to try it...

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Dirty Reiver – The ADVNTR Kit List

Dirty Reiver – the basics Can you see it? Just over the horizon? Yes, it is Dirty Reiver again…how did that happen so fast? As an event with a reputation for for delivering all...

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