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SRMR – It’s all about Perspective

The weekend of August 14th 2021 was fully loaded with bikepacking races kicking off right across the globe, we are speaking to riders that are taking part, or those who have signed up to...

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Midweek Local Overnighters – A new Impression of the familiar

We all have to start somewhere, and with that come the mistakes and challenges we are all prone to making as beginners. Michael Drummond talks of his anxieties on touring, wild camping for...

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Vulpine Men’s Gravel Shorts Review

Just as the summer started to heat up in Scotland, Marcus Nicolson and friends set out on A 4-day gravel bikepacking trip, there perfect opportunity to test out a new offering from Vulpine...

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Leeds to Lyme Regis – Seeking out Simple Wonders

Following a tour around the Restrap factory in Leeds, Michael Drummond discovered perfect hidden Gravel tracks and Byways on his way south through the heart of England to the South Coast....

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Ergon SR Pro Saddle Review

Contact points are what make sure we are comfortable, and when things go right, its all rainbows and lollipops. Marcus Nicolson tells us of his experience testing the Ergon SR Pro saddle....

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Gritfest: The UK’s best gravel event?

With the number of events exploding on the UK gravel scene, we took in the third edition of Gritfest in Mid Wales and ponder on why this might just be the best of them all. So, what even is...

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Are Gravel Bikes Just 80’s Mountain Bikes?

No, mostly. But also yes, sometimes. Although the gravel bike has graduated from evolutionary obscurity to, in a lot of cases, the flagship bike for a lot of brands (Specialized now expect...

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Reasons to be optimistic in 2021

The New Year is usually a time for reflection, celebration and goal-setting for the coming seasons, but hampered by you-know-what, this January feels a little different. Rather than get...

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Slow movement ARAF.cc’s Chris Hunter on AUTMNL ADVNTR

If you haven’t checked out ARAF.cc  (slow in Welsh) and the slow movement that it’s enabling in cycling and the greater outdoors, you really should. We chatted with ARAF.cc...

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The Dirt Map: Navigating the off-road cycling industry

Measuring the Gravel Spectrum The emerging sub-genres of the ‘gravel’ category are nothing new. Like road cycling and mountain biking that have come before, increasing popularity and...

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