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French brand Hutchinson pioneered tubeless ready tyres way back in 2006. It has continued to improve the technology in the intervening years and delivering designs for both road, CX and...

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Suplest Cross Country Pro Shoe

Cycling shoes are a contentious subject. What you wear on your feet says more about your cycling intent than anything else. Gravel fashion appears to have firmly embraced the lace-up....

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Salsa Warroad

As one of the instigators of the whole adventure/gravel cycling thing, it comes as no surprise to see that Salsa Cycles have quite an extensive lineup in the genre. Their main tool for...

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Arundel DTR/STR Bottle Cages

Bottle cages should always be made of metal.” Other than one or two misjudged purchases of ultra lightweight carbon cages, this is a rule that I have always stuck firmly to. And so it...

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If you have ever relied upon a GPS to guide you through the wilds, you’ll know they can be frustrating. The display may be too small, or too busy, and some computers are so hard to...

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Wilier Jena Ultegra

Wilier describe the Jena as a gravel bike with ‘racing comfort’ geometry. Reading the promotional material it seems to be promising (almost) all things to all men. I am not...

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Squirt SEAL Tubeless Tyre Sealant

We are big fans of tubeless tyres here at ADVNTR. Most of us have been running tubeless for over a decade. Having started out with messy, home-brew ‘ghetto’ conversions with...

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Halo Carbaura RCD Carbon Wheelset

Bike manufacturers are keen to promote gravel bikes as “quiver killers”. Initially we took this as a kind of challenge. But then we saw sense. People have been using cyclocross bikes as...

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Aussie Grit Apparel Ignite 2 in 1 bib

Combining the comfort of a bib short with the durability of a baggy trail short is nothing new. Many clothing brands have had a stab at the onerous task of perfecting the road/MTB fusion....

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Miss Grape Moon

When you think of handlebar bags, you probably instantly picture in your head a something of the bar roll variety. More useful for stashing away your sleeping kit for a weekender, rather...

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