Just what is this ADVNTR all about?

ADVNTR.  an exciting or unusual experience. It may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome.

Welcome to ADVNTR. Our goal is to connect the Adventure Cycle community and bring you information and resources to improve your cycling experience. Not wrapping ourselves up in just the latest niche-cycle-fashion of the season, it is our belief that any bike can take it’s rider off on an adventure. Mountain, Gravel, Cyclocross… Whatever you ride, take yourself off the open road and go on an #ADVNTR


This site was formed to document the adventures we have experienced from travelling on two wheels. An adventure doesn’t have to be a round the world trip, or even an excursion into bear infested wilderness. A 10 mile ride along local forest fireroads, a race in the Artic Circle or riding the Great Divide. Each and every time you ride your bicycle, that’s #ADVNTR


James Deane  /  @gringojimi


Andrew Phillips  /  @ajphillips


Features Editor
John Gould  /  @simmarian


Travel & Expeditions
Nigel Leech  /  @johnnystorm


If you are reading this then you must be interested in contributing something to ADVNTR? That’s great news as we are always on the lookout for riders who have a story to tell.


We can’t promise that your piece will be published but I can guarantee we will read it. I’m sure you can understand that we want to keep the quality of the journal as high as possible and also that we don’t cover the same subjects again and again.


So with the negatives out of the way, what should you write about? That’s up to you. Maybe you could start by looking at where you ride? What you ride? Who you ride with? Are there places that mean something special, or a yearly ride or race? A shop that you spend too much time and money at? Is there a special moment that sums up why you ride? The pieces we have enjoyed most are the ones that have given us an insight into someone else’s world.


Unfortunately we can’t pay contributors. We don’t even pay ourselves. If you are happy with this then we would love to read that amazing tale you have to tell. You can either get in touch to talk about any ideas you have, or any other questions, or you can get writing and send over a draft when you are done.


With each article, please provide your name, contact details and a brief synopsis of the piece.


Please keep the word count to around 500 words. Don’t worry if you are a little over… 600 is probably fine, 750 words is pushing it a bit. If we send stuff back and ask you to cut it down a little, please don’t be offended. You’ll have more chance of seeing your writing on the site if you keep to the limits.


Try to keep your writing concise and in simple, shortish sentences.


PHOTOS– Ideally, the higher the res, the better! Anything over 1800px is super. If you have loads of images you wish to share, use a tool like wetransfer.com to send them over to us.


ROUTES- Please provide .gpx or similar wherever possible.


CREDIT – If you send us any photos please make sure they are your own or that you have permission of the originator to use them. If you copy any text from other sources, please let us have the URL and any additional information so we can credit the original author.


Get involved: editor@advntr.cc