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3T Exploro LTD

If you took a blank sheet of paper and set about creating the ultimate gravel superbike, what would yours look like? Gerard Vroomen designed his tour de force, the 3T Exploro, along stark,...

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3T Superghiaia Team Stealth

Flared bars have come in and out of fashion over the decades. Whether you feel they are some sort of retro fashion statement or not, they make perfect sense for gravel bikes. The wider...

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Spotted in the Wild: 3T Exploro ‘Flatmount’

This beautiful Limited Edition Team Force Green 3T Exploro was spotted basking in the sun at the buildup to the Jeroboam300km Bike Festival (we’ll tease some more from the festival...

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A dream come true? Imagine the situation. You have been engaged as a photographer for Grinduro Scotland. Obviously, this is a pretty cool gig to start with but then, almost out of the blue,...

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