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Weldtite Pure Bike Protector

Weldtite Pure Bike Protector

Gravel biking is a lot of fun, but it can be a messy affair. Washing your dearly beloved over and over can take the shine off it. This Bike Protector spray from the Weldtite Pure range, promises to return that showroom fresh sparkle back to your bike.

Cleans your bike, helps the environment

Just like the rest of the Pure range of lubes and cleaning potions, this Bike Protector spray is water based and solvent free. Pure use sustainable ingredients, derived from natural renewable resources. So you don’t have to worry about a guilty conscience while liberally spraying the stuff around.

The Pure Bike Protector is designed to be applied after washing your bike. Apply it to your frame to help stop dirt and other detritus from sticking to the frame surface. Pure is liquid based and a little goes a long way. For best results, I found spraying it into a cloth and then wiping over the frame, gives a much better finish. It also reduces the chance of any wastage and ensures you avoid areas you don’t want to spray. Such as brake rotors.

Weldtite Pure Bike Protector

Pure Bike Protector. Plants love it.

Despite the eco-friendly credentials, Pure Bike Protector manages to do an impressive job at repelling dirt from your frame and also produces an impressive and lasting shine. I tested the product on a tired looking matte carbon frame and was impressed with the resulting shine, actually turning old grey bits back to their original black. It is just as effective on glossy paint finishes, delivering a lustrous sheen.

On test, I wasn’t expecting a non-stick Teflon style revelation, but it certainly does a great job at repelling mud from the frame and keeps the worst off. And that means a lot less hosing down when you have to wash your bike again. On dry days, I did notice that my bike attracted a lot more dust when finished with Pure Bike Protector.


Unlike most products that have green credentials, Pure Bike Protector offers good value at £7.99 rather than commanding an ‘eco-premium’. 250ml might not sound like much, but a little goes a very long way. It’s simple and easy to use, giving a finish as good as anything else on the market.

Pure Bike Protector


Great value, eco-friendly bike shine spray



  • Adds an invisible barrier against dirt
  • Protects against UV damage
  • Good value


  • Its a dust magnet on dry, dusty trails

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