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Weldtite Jet Blast Degreaser

Weldtite Jet Blast Degreaser

Cleaning bikes is a bind. While others will obsess over ensuring their bike is clean enough to eat their dinner off, I’d rather spend the time riding. So any fancy new potion that comes along with claims of quicker and easier cleaning usually grabs my interest.

Weldtite recently launched Jet Blast Degreaser, a cleaning solution that is designed to degrease and clean with the power of a pressurised jet spray. Compared to usual degreasing lotions and potions which you either agitate with a brush on the drivetrain or use a chain cleaning tool, Jet Blast is pure simplicity.

Weldtite Jet Blast Degreaser

Jet Blast makes short work of cleaning oily cassettes. Photo credit: Kyle Cummings

Jet Blast is formulated in a similar way to the brand’s Citrus Degreaser, but with the added twist of a rapid drying formula which makes it ideal for quickly cleaning up cassettes and jockey wheels. The pressurised can dispenses a powerful jet spay which you can target directly at your drivetrain components. Jet Blast dries almost instantly with no residue. So you don’t even need to hose off your drivetrain before applying any lube.

Weldtite Jet Blast Degreaser

Just as effective on chains, but you need to target the spray more directly. Photo credit: Kyle Cummings

Blast Off with Jet Blast

The resulting blast deals swiftly with oils, muck and other crud making grubby components shine like new with surprising ease. So easy in fact that you can get a little carried away. The temptation to get trigger happy and keep on blasting away is very satisfying. But doing so will deplete the can pretty quickly.

I managed to finish off a can in record time by blasting it at the chain while turning the cranks over. It is best to use Jet Blast in short, sharp bursts concentrated at the main problem areas. Use the accuracy of a sniper rather than ‘spray and pray’ like a machine gunner and Weldtite Jet Blast will remain a long and trusty partner in your bike cleaning armoury.

Jet Blast before and after

Before and after. Just like new!

Weldtite price Jet Blast at £9.99 for a 500ml can. Pricier than concentrated all-purpose cleaners, which when watered down, are nowhere near as effective. Compared to a specific degreaser like Muc-Off’s Drivetrain Cleaner SRP £12 and it not only saves you a few quid, but gets the mucky chore out of the way much quicker!


As a labour saving device when cleaning, Weldtite Jet Blast is a winner. Forget scrubbing away at your chain and cassette with a degreaser, get the job in seconds. A small price to pay for quick and easy cleaning.

Weldtite Jet Blast Degreaser


Takes the effort out of making your drivetrain sparkly clean



  • Fast and effortless
  • Powerful cleaning without the effort
  • Quick drying


  • Doesn't go far if you are trigger happy

Last modified: 18th March 2020

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