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Roval Terra – new premium gravel wheels

Roval Terra

In recent years, Roval has become known as the in-house wheel brand to Speicalized. But that is all about to change with a reinvigorated lineup of premium wheels ready to go head-to-head against the likes of ENVE and Zipp. The Roval Renaissance starts with the new Terra range of gravel wheels.

Roval Terra Gravel Wheel Series

Roval’s new Terra wheels claim to bring leading-edge performance to the diverse needs of gravel and adventure riders. The wheels feature generous widths with 25mm and 30mm options and exceptional durability, all in a lightweight package.

Roval Terra CLX EVO

Roval Terra CLX EVO 650b

The engineering team have designed the Terra wheels as a system, integrating lightweight carbon rims with DT Swiss hub internals and spokes. Roval have worked hard to create a wheelset with controlled and comfortable ride quality which also pass their standards for MTB use. Clearly no mean feat as they worked through 20 iterations of the carbon layup before they were happy to bring them to market.

Roval Terra Key Points:
  • MTB-level durability
  • Road-level weights
  • Layup optimised for ultimate balance of ride feel, durability and weight
  • Tubeless-first design; the best fit and easiest installation
  • DT-Swiss 180EXP hub internals offer light weight, stiffness, reliability and ease of service
  • Hooked bead for security with any tyre choice
Titici + Terra CLX -1

Titici & Terra. What a pairing!

How wide? Real wide!

The 25mm inner width of the Terra CLX and CL can safely accommodate tires from 28mm to 42mm wide, at whatever pressure you might want to pump into them. The Terra CLX EVO measures a massive 30mm internal diameter! To put things in perspective, 5 years ago, MTB XC racers were happy to race on 2.1″ rubber on an internal width of 19mm.

Roval Terra CLX EVO 7

Roval Terra CLX

Hookless rims have become increasingly popular in MTB and some gravel applications as composite technology has advanced. Bucking the trend, Roval believe it’s wiser to have a hook holding the tyre bead securely, given the wide range of tyre size and potential for high pressures. This means adding a machining step after an already complex hand layup process, but that extra step allows Roval’s Terra wheels to run just about any tyre size at any pressure.


Terra CLX front in 700c

The Roval Terra CLX wheels feature DT Swiss’ new 180EXP hub internals, offering lighter weight, greater stiffness and more reliable engagement. The reliability and durability of the Star Ratchet system made DT Swiss the obvious choice and are housed in Roval’s AFD hubs. Roval pair these with DT Aerolite spokes in a 2:1 lacing pattern for balanced spoke tension and a stronger overall wheel system.

DT SWiss INternals

Reliable DT Swiss 180EXP Internals

Terra CLX | One wheel to rule them all

Combining the DNA of Roval’s mountain and road technology, the Terra CLX offers unsurpassed toughness to weight. 1296 grams for a wheelset is seriously light. Especially when the rims are laid up to deliver a smooth and durable ride. The 25mm internal rim width optimises tyre volume and profile, enhances ride quality, and allows riders to choose from a broad range of tyre widths.

Allied + Terra

One very tasty looking Allied Alfa with 700c Roval Terra CLX wheels.

Terra CLX EVO | Tomorrow’s Wheels Today

The Terra CLX EVO features a massive 30mm inner width. Much wider than any other gravel rim on the market, wider than many mountain bike rims, too. This makes Terra CLX ideal for riders looking to run seriously meaty tyres. Up to 55mm / 2.2” – without the weight penalty usually associated with wide rims and high durability. 1303 grams a set in 650b, 1357 grams a set in 700c.

Rodeo Labs

Rodeo Labs Trail Donkey sporting the Roval Terra CLX EVO.

UK pricing is TBA, but expect it to be similar to the price in dollars. Both the Roval Terra CLX and Terra CLX EVO Models will retail for $2500 in the USA.

Visit rovalcomponents.com to find out more.

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