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LifeLine Tubeless Presta Valve

Lifeline Tubeless Valves

I recently bought a new pair of wheels and needed some new Tubeless Presta Valves. With Stans No Tubes Valves at £16.51 on Wiggle, I was pleasantly surprised to come across the LifeLine tubeless presta valve.

Which size sir?

Available in 75mm, 55mm, 45mm and 39mm there is a size for every wheel.

I can see no difference between these and the Stans (or similar) offerings. They fit in the hole ok, they seal well and seem not to let an air out. The valve is replaceable. What’s not to like?

How much?

I bought mine from Wiggle at £7.99 a pair.

LifeLine Universal Tubeless Valves


Tubeless Valves at half the usual price



  • Good Quality
  • Cheap


  • None that I can think of

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