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Grinduro takes the party to Wales in 2020

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Grinduro, the seminal mixed-terrain event where having a good time at the party is just as important as going fast in the race, has drawn the curtain on a hugely successful 2019 season.

For 2020, Grinduro continues to grow, with six events planned between June and December. Most noteworthy, five of Grinduro’s six events will be at new venues in 2020, including the flagship California event.

The biggest news for UK gravel grinders is that 2019 was the final time riders would hop on the ferry to Arran to find their ultimate Party:Race Ratio. After three years as the heart of Grinduro’s European presence, the little Scottish island is taking time out to recover from the purple themed gravel party.

Grinduro Aran

And its farewell from Arran…

We’ll miss the atmosphere of Arran. There was something special about leaving the mainland and setting sail for a weekend of cycling and partying with friends old and new. Weary and hungover faces on the return ferry would often nod in agreement “what happens on Arran, stays on Arran.” Any new venue for the UK will have big boots to fill.

Wales Never Fails

Information on the whereabouts of the new venue is currently under tight wraps. Other than it will be in Wales. What we do know is that it will feature Grinduro’s magic formula. A combination of gravel race and mountain bike-style enduro. One long loop of pavement, gravel, and dirt, where finishing times are based on four timed segments.

Grinduro Wales

Get your stoke on.

As testament to the diverse riding skills and level of competition, past editions have been won by former professional downhill racers, road racers and cyclocross pros. But Grinduro is not just a bike race. It’s a celebration of cycling with as much emphasis on the fun as on the ride. Excellent food, an impressive display of art and incredible handmade bikes, live music, camping, and a festival atmosphere.

Keep on Gravellin’ in the Free World

Elsewhere, Grinduro continues to grow across the globe with new locations in Australia and Switzerland. With Quincy taking a bow, a new Californian location will be announced soon. Canada and Japan remain on the calendar for another year.

Stay tuned to www.grinduro.com for the complete event listing and registration dates. As soon as we hear more news on Wales, we’ll update you.

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Grinduro takes the party to Wales in 2020

  1. Avatar Tony says:

    I know this is a portal site rather than journalistic, but some questions …

    What’s the background to this? Did Grinduro jump, or was it pushed?

    Had Arran had enough, or were the logistics of travel from the South and abroad restricting the growth of the event?

    I can also see that tying together, there can’t have been much of the overall money coming into the event staying on the island. People get off the ferry, straight to the fully catered site, ride, party on site, then next day get straight back on the ferry and leave. Would Wales get extended stays and so a better deal?

    Wales is more easily accessed from the capital and south east where there’s a greater density of “Party-To-Race-Ratio” aspirationalists, too maybe, Mountain/Mohammad or Mohammad/Mountain? Singing to the choir?

    Closer to airports, but arguably further from ferries – home country dependent. And also sadly and re-Greta-bly, the talk of a global series, with racers competing for an overall, skewers both P2R and XR together, no? GBDuros no fly appeal bucks this trend.

    What do people reckon?

  2. Avatar James Deane says:

    I think there are a number of reasons for the change. The key factor is accessibility. As awesome as the riding is on the Isle of Arran, for a lot of the UK population, it really is A Long Way. Obviously Grinduro Global wants to grow and a more central location like Wales is going to make the event more accessible for a wider audience.

    After 3 years on Arran, perhaps it is time for Grinduro to move on to somewhere fresh. They’re doing the same with the flagship event in California after all.

    We have heard that some of the organising bodies on Arran are disappointed by the news. Perhaps this paves the way for another event to launch on the island?

  3. Avatar Andy says:

    Grinduro jumped, for understandable reasons. When an event has large sponsors, those sponsors can demand a big say in where/when and how an event runs.
    As part of the organising team of the event on Arran, I can assure you that we always looked to local suppliers and services first, to make sure that the economic benefit to the island was maximised. The catering was really the only service that we couldn’t source locally. The ferry, Ardrossan parking and minibus shuttles were also put in place to minimise disruption to normal ferry operation/availability, and to reduce traffic/parking issues during peak holiday season. This obviously added a chunk of cost. I’m confident that the island as a whole would agree that Grinduro brought benefits and that they would welcome it back with very few reservations.
    Arran remains an amazing, perhaps unique, venue, which is very supportive of events (when approached correctly). There are bits of Wales that may be nearer, if you’re a crow in flight, but can be a long drive, or a frustrating public transport battle. For those north of Manchester, maybe Muck ‘n’ Mac Fest is an alternative?

  4. Avatar Tony says:

    Thanks both, that gives me a bit more perspective.

    I enjoyed the route and the event organisation was great when I rode in 2018. But I did wonder if the full package approach was paradoxically more restrictive than liberating, so if was good to understand that it also functioned to minimise disruption to daily Island life etc.

    I’ll keep and eye on Grinduro Wales updates and already I’ve checked in with Cameron about Muck ‘n’ Mac, as it looks good too. TBH I’ll prob’ly opt for bikepacking The Reiver Route next year as a stepping stone to Frontier300 in 2021.

    Any road up, thanks again for the insight.

  5. Avatar Ian ford says:

    It is disappointing that grinduro isn’t returning to Arran,as an island resident, I marshalled the first two and rode the third . Some Arran residents were sceptical before the first event, as quite a few cycle events are held on Arran with no consideration for the impact on locals. After the first event most realised this is a professionally run event that wanted to work with the community rather than against it ,even giving large donations to local community charities, I totally understand why it isn’t returning, Arran is awkward to get to , accommodation is hard to find , and corporate sponsors probably want to appeal to a bigger market , I wish Andy and Paul and the rest of the team all the best in a new location

  6. Avatar Mikey stewart says:

    Thanks grinduro for a great three years on arran, we will miss you. Looking on the bright side, it will give us locals an excuse for a wales road trip next year.

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