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Grinduro takes the party to Wales in 2020

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Grinduro, the seminal mixed-terrain event where having a good time at the party is just as important as going fast in the race, has drawn the curtain on a hugely successful 2019 season.

For 2020, Grinduro continues to grow, with six events planned between June and December. Most noteworthy, five of Grinduro’s six events will be at new venues in 2020, including the flagship California event.

The biggest news for UK gravel grinders is that 2019 was the final time riders would hop on the ferry to Arran to find their ultimate Party:Race Ratio. After three years as the heart of Grinduro’s European presence, the little Scottish island is taking time out to recover from the purple themed gravel party.

Grinduro Aran

And its farewell from Arran…

We’ll miss the atmosphere of Arran. There was something special about leaving the mainland and setting sail for a weekend of cycling and partying with friends old and new. Weary and hungover faces on the return ferry would often nod in agreement “what happens on Arran, stays on Arran.” Any new venue for the UK will have big boots to fill.

Wales Never Fails

Information on the whereabouts of the new venue is currently under tight wraps. Other than it will be in Wales. What we do know is that it will feature Grinduro’s magic formula. A combination of gravel race and mountain bike-style enduro. One long loop of pavement, gravel, and dirt, where finishing times are based on four timed segments.

Grinduro Wales

Get your stoke on.

As testament to the diverse riding skills and level of competition, past editions have been won by former professional downhill racers, road racers and cyclocross pros. But Grinduro is not just a bike race. It’s a celebration of cycling with as much emphasis on the fun as on the ride. Excellent food, an impressive display of art and incredible handmade bikes, live music, camping, and a festival atmosphere.

Keep on Gravellin’ in the Free World

Elsewhere, Grinduro continues to grow across the globe with new locations in Australia and Switzerland. With Quincy taking a bow, a new Californian location will be announced soon. Canada and Japan remain on the calendar for another year.

Stay tuned to www.grinduro.com for the complete event listing and registration dates. As soon as we hear more news on Wales, we’ll update you.

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