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WTB Venture Expands to 700c sizes

WTB Venture 40 in motion

WTB may well have dominated the 650b gravel market with their Road Plus range of tyres, but the love for the venerable 700c wheel size is still strong. After endless nagging from riders for a 700c version, WTB has  announced the addition of Venture 700c tyres in 40 and 50mm widths.

Venture versatility comes to 700c

When we tested the WTB Venture in 650b x 47 guise, we found it to be a half-way house between the rapid WTB Byway and the more aggressive Sendero. True the claims by WTB that it is their most versatile tread in the WTB 650b Road Plus lineup.

WTB Venture 700c40 in tan

WTB Venture 700c40 in tan wall

Balancing speed and confidence, the smooth centre tread provides smooth rolling on hard surfaces while the countless working edges of the intermediate ribs grab hold through gravel or dirt. Two rows of outer knobs, similar to those found on the Byway, provide additional cornering confidence when you need it most.

WTB Venture 50 in black

Venture 50 in blackest black.

The WTB Venture 700c options will be available with black or tan sidewalls, so everyone should be happy. All Venture 40 and 50 tyres feature WTB’s lightweight TCS tubeless casing to optimise both performance and reliability.

“Since the inception of our Road Plus tyre lines, we’ve been bombarded with requests for 700c versions of the same treads. With Venture 47 quickly proving to be the most popular Road Plus tyre, it was the obvious first tread pattern to offer in 700c sizes.”


– Clayton Wangbichler, WTB

Big wheel keep on turning

Claimed weights for the Venture 700cx40 are 472g for the tan wall and 501g for the black variant. Proof if ever it was needed, that tan is indeed faster.

WTB Venture 700 40 at rest

Show off your best (tread) angles.

The WTB Venture tread should offer a fresh option for 700c wheel size fans, providing a tyre that is capable on a variety of surfaces, without giving up much in performance when hitting the tarmac. ADVNTR were starting to think that WTB had forgotten about fans of the larger diameter wheel, so we’re welcoming the Venture 40 & 50 with welcome arms.

The new Venture 40 and 50 tyres are available in Europe now at RRP of €52,25. UK stock will be supplied through WTB’s UK distributor, Hotlines.

Get over to www.wtb.com for all the detail.

Last modified: 28th May 2019

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