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WTB Venture 700 x 40 gravel tyres

WTB Venture 40

The WTB Venture 40 is the 700c version of the, 650b only, Venture 47.

When we reviewed the Venture 47 earlier this year, we were a little underwhelmed. It seemed to be the archetypal Jack of All Trades but master of none. It would be interesting to see whether the 700c version is any better. So what did we find? Box fresh WTB tyres

The same, but different

The Venture 40 features a novel, filed tread, arranged in ridges, forming a chevron pattern, combined with “Byway-alike” knobs along each side.

There is no central ridge, instead, the two chevrons almost meet in the middle, leaving a thin gap along the centreline. This doubles up as a channel for dissipating water when riding in wet conditions. It’s not something WTB claim as a design feature, so perhaps it is just a fortunate coincidence!

This model features “Dual Compound” DNA Rubber, and a TCS Aramid bead and are tubeless ready, of course. The tanwall version weighs 473g while the all black version weighs a few grams more.

wtb venture 40

Fit and forget?

WTB market the Venture as “a truly set-it-and-forget-it gravel tyre for riders who demand traction across a wide variety of terrain.”

The Venture 40 were a breeze to fit on some Scope O2 rims and inflated with ease. Sealing duties were carried out by Squirt Seal tubeless tyre sealant.

The WTB Ventures performed well in mixed terrain, dry, conditions. There is plenty of traction but not as much as the WTB Resolute. Having said that, these tyres will not turn your gravel bike into a mountain bike! You do not have to try too hard to find the limits of grip.

In a straight line on smooth trails, the WTB Venture 40 rolls well. In fact there is a lot less drag than on the 650B iteration. Unlike the Road Plus variant the 700c version is perfectly happy on the road.  It is never going to eclipse road rubber but it is good as far as gravel tyres go.

wtb venture 40

If it’s wet, forget

The WTB Ventures do not like the wet. On the road or hard packed gravel roads and forest trails, water clears quickly. The further off the beaten track you go and the muddier trails get however, the less well the tyre performs. The tread is a mud magnet and the tyre clogs up in no time.

Can you venture on a Venture?

So far the WTB Venture 40 has proved robust enough. The ADVNTR test trails are littered with flints and take no prisoners. If a tyre is even slightly fragile, it will be found out…quickly! Over the last three months the Venture 40 has resisted everything we thrown at it. This is quite an achievement.

Robust tyres are seldom supple but the Venture is soft and forgiving, if not particularly light. Dial your pressures in right and the Venture could be the only tyre you need all summer.

wtb venture 40

Who is it for?

Unsurprisingly, the 700c version of the WTB Venture is very similar to the chunkier Road Plus version. The narrower casing and larger diameter means it rolls faster than the 650B variant.

As an all-terrain, dry conditions tyre for gravel riding, I like it. All day rides taking in a mixture of road, forest tracks and singletrack are exactly what the WTB Venture was made for. I love them and have kept them on my bike for longer than expected.

Once the wet weather sets in though, the Ventures will be replaced with WTB’s  true “fit and forget” tyres, the Nano or the Resolute.

WTB Venture 40


Not the 'fit and forget' tyre we hoped for, but a compliant all rounder for dry conditions



  • Durable and puncture resistant
  • Supple
  • Fast roller on the dirt


  • Bit of a mud magnet
  • Limited cornering grip

Last modified: 21st October 2020

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Jeff Sparman
Jeff Sparman
3 years ago

Pretty Spot on review. For the most part I really like the tire. Did a 39 mile gravel race/ride in the Lost Coast Redwoods (California USA). Really fun course. Good bit of climbing and lots a fast smooth descents. Had a Nano on the back the Venture up front. Never felt lacking in cornering, in some instances passed a couple Hardtail MTBS, that advantage went away quickly on the last rocky choppy decent. Would I recommend the Venture, yes! for the exact same reasons you highlight in your review.. Cheers

2 years ago
Reply to  James Deane

Hi James,

Very helpful review. I’m building a gravel bike for riding in Dallas where most roads are hard pack to loosely packed gravel. Very flat and dry. Most of my gravel rides will include 30% pavement (not necessarily smooth!) and very limited single track. That said, would you guide me toward the 40c 700c Venture or Resolute (or perhaps another WTB)? I know a rider who has the Riddlers and in some areas of Dallas he’d prefer a tire with a title more traction.


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