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Wraptie tie-down straps


Getting out there on your bike inevitably means taking some kit with you. The challenge comes in finding ways to carry it all. While soft luggage has all but replaced racks and panniers but it’s not perfect. One downside to minimalism is reduced convenience and capacity. Often you need to cram a bit more in or access something frequently. Voile straps are a popular solution (see our test HERE) and Wraptie seek to offer an alternative method of strapping your kit together.


Another one of those “why didn’t I think of that” products!

Wraptie are made from a very strong elastic (rated to 50kg) which have sections of velcro stitched on. The rough and fluffy velcro sections are on opposite sides of the strap. The spacing of the strips allows the Wraptie to stretch, and then the velcro holds it in place. Kudos to Wraptie for using 100% recycled materials and keeping waste plastic out of landfill. Available in four sizes ranging from 90cm to 240cm this review is focussed mainly on the shortest ones as they are of most use to cyclists.

Wraptie in action

Over a thousand kilometres and no jettisoned kit!

On the bike

Wraptie provided us with two sets, 90cm for on the bike and 240cm for use inside vehicles. I took the 90cm pair on the Atlas Mountain Race where I have to say they proved invaluable. As you can see in the photo I looped them around my front harness to hold my Gilet. This kept it immediately to hand when needed to keep the chill off on descents. The elastic nature, combined with the velcro allowed nearly infinite adjustment. This was perfect for additional hydration and kept weight off my back. If you have a seat-pack that extends a past your saddle it can perform a similar role there.

Wraptie in the desert

Grabbing a quick breather before donning the gilet and hitting warpspeed on the way down!

In the van

It was a similar story when using the longer versions in the van. I used to use a variety of ratchet straps and bungies to keep my tools, spares and camping kit from rolling about. The ratchets are secure but a faff, and there was always the risk of losing an eye from a stray bungie! With the Wraptie I just need to pull them tight enough to  hold the load, rest the two halves of the velcro together and it’s job jobbed! Looped around your bars and saddle, bike can be held in place without the risk of buckles or hooks chipping the paint.

Other uses off the bike

There’s a Wraptie out there to secure almost anything, including the kitchen sink!


Like all good ideas, Wraptie are simple and effective. In addition you can use the velcro to daisy-chain them if you need to join two or more. The only real downside is that the velcro could pluck at, or roughen certain fabrics. Retailing at £15.25 a pair they compare favourably price-wise with similar sized Voile straps. When rolled up the 90cm straps are lighter and smaller than a Mars bar. There’s little reason then not to pack a couple for emergency use!


From £15.25

Versatile solution to kit carrying problems



  • Almost limitless applications
  • Simple to use
  • Great value


  • Be careful around your Merino jersey!

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Wraptie tie-down straps

  1. macias says:

    “The rough and fluffy velcro sections are on opposite sides of the strap” Pity they didn’t use hybrid velcro which is fluffy and rough at the same time. I have such straps with bottle bag from Decathlon and those straps are killers, they are scaling to any diameter you want.

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