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Waterproof cycling jackets group test

7mesh Copilot waterproof jacket

This winter, our hardy group of testers have been out in all weathers to put a selection of waterproof cycling jackets through their paces. Here we bring you the best on test from the ADVNTR team across the UK and even Canada!

All of the waterproof cycling jackets feature a hood, adjustable fit and range from £120 to £240 RRP. These aren’t inexpensive pieces of kit, so we help this guide will aid you to choose the best one for you. Here they are listed in price order, from low to high.

TSG Drop Rain Jacket

TSG Drop Rain Jacket

The TSG Drop Rain jacket excelled in the wet and was the cheapest on test at £119.99

A marvellously waterproof cycling jacket for the money as our cheapest jacket on test, unfortunately at this price the breathability was compromised. Otherwise, the Drop Rain jacket from German extreme sports brand TSG has some really promising features, and with a few amendments could be a really great budget choice.

  • Price: £119.99 €139.95
  • Rating: 6.5/10
  • Pros: fantastic waterproofing, reasonably priced with effective reflective logos for night riding
  • Cons: lack of breathability, even with vents, further cuff adjustability needed and abdominal pockets are too low to use with a rucksack
  • Full review here

Madison DTE Women’s

Madison DTE Women's waterproof

The bright blue DTE jacket from Madison really impressed with high tech features on a reasonably priced jacket. Photo: Vedangi Kulkarni

Towards the lower end of the price range on test, the Madison DTE jacket is a bright and impressive waterproof jacket that’s just at home off the bike as it is on. Reviewer Vedangi Kulkarni really made the most of the testing period with mountain biking, gravel and road cycling, running and hiking excursions to test the limits of the waterproof.

Expect serious waterproofing from the DTE jacket teamed with great breathability at a reasonable price. With plenty of fit adjustability too this is a great option, if you can get hold of one in the UK that is!

  • Price: £149.99 (approx €165 $202)
  • Rating: 8.5/10
  • Pros: Breathable and waterproof, bright, fun colourway and great value for money
  • Cons: Reflective detailing would help for low light conditions and the main zip can be a little tricky
  • Full review here

dhb MTB Trail

dhb Trail waterproof jacket review

The dhb Trail waterproof was the cheapest on test at £150. Photo: James Malone

This bright blue number tested by James Malone really impressed, featuring many of the features you’d expect on top end jackets, but without the hefty price tag. The robust construction stood up to testing both on and off the bike, plus some MTB too, and with the addition of adjustability in the cuffs and an extra pocket could be a real category leader.

  • Price: £150 €175 $190
  • Rating: 9/10
  • Pros: Waterproof and breathable, robust, great hood and dropped hem features
  • Cons: Non-adjustable cuffs and an additional pocket for valuables would be ace
  • Full review here

Findra Stroma

Findra Stroma jacket review

A waterproof jacket made from old coffee beans and plastic bottles? Yes, you read that right.

Mixing it up with gravel, MTB and road rides, Eleanor tested the beautifully soft Findra Stroma jacket, which is in fact made from repurposed coffee grounds and recycled plastic bottles! The jacket’s seams are fully taped, giving it brilliant waterproof performance yet retaining a decent level of breathability. The one thing that this jacket lacks compared to others on test is a degree of adjustability in the hood fit, although Findra have fed back that this is something they’re addressing in a future iteration.

  • Price: £159 (approx €176 $215)
  • Rating: 9/10
  • Pros: Both waterproof and breathable, odour free and ashes really well
  • Cons: hood fit could be improved for use without a helmet
  • Full review here

Alpkit Balance 2

Alpkit Balance 2 Waterproof Jacket Review

The Balance 2 is a multi sport waterproof that works really well for gravel and mountain biking

A multisport waterproof from Alpkit geared towards higher intensity riding, the Balance 2 combines waterproofing with breathability for this minimalist, yet highly functional jacket. Expect neat features like a wire-peaked hood, adjustable cuffs and a neat fitting hood, but nothing unnecessary to keep the jacket lightweight and packable. A really impressive option from the British sustainability pioneers.

  • Price: £179.99 €202.95 $247
  • Rating: 9.5/10
  • Pros: truly multi-sport friendly with brilliant hood adjustment and wired peak and fun coloured soft outer material
  • Cons: high collar fit and can get a little stinky between washes
  • Full review here

7mesh Copilot

7mesh Copilot waterproof jacket

One of the pricest jackets on test, the 7mesh Copilot features minimalist design for £220. Photo: Dan Monaghan

Designed with minimal styling combined with top-end performance, Dan Monaghan found that the all-new Copilot jacket from Squamish’s 7mesh is a trusty weatherproof suitable for pedally rides that’s worth the high end price tag. It’s also really packable, so we can see this one being a year-round favourite for summer bikepacking trips when you (inevitably) need some rain cover!

  • Price: £220 $250 €250
  • Rating: 9.5/10
  • Pros: versatile with a minimal style, brilliant breathability and won’t let you down in any conditions
  • Cons: pricey and cuff adjustability would be a neat addition
  • Full review here

Endura MT500 II

Endura MT500 Waterproof Jacket II review

A firm favourite in the MTB world, the second generation of Endura’s MT500 jacket performed well on test.

Scottish cycling brand Endura knows a thing or two about riding apparel for foul weather, and that’s evident in the quality of the MT500 II jacket. Long pit zips give extra ventilation for longer climbs and efforts while the fully taped waterproof material fends off everything but the most extreme rainfall. You can also make good use of Endura’s repair scheme if you have an off – like James did – which should keep this pricey investment running for much longer.

  • Price: £229.99 €269.99 $329.99
  • Rating: 9/10
  • Pros: top quality materials and construction, excellent fit for on the bike and repair service will keep your jacket going for longer
  • Cons: pretty pricey
  • Full review here

Showers Pass Refuge Jacket

Showers Pass Refuge Jacket Review

Taylor had the Showers Pass Refuge Jacket on test both in London, UK and London Ontario!

For a versatile multi sport jacket with unbeatable weatherproofing plus additional vents and a handy flap-down bum panel, the Refuge Jacket is hard to beat, but that comes at a price. This bright red colourway really pops on tester Taylor Doyle in the Canadian snow but we’d really appreciate some more muted colours in the line up too.

  • Price: £240 €271.04 $295 USD
  • Rating: 8/10
  • Pros: Versatile do-it-all jacket, waterproof technology you can trust and considered features without too many bells and whistles
  • Cons: Expensive, not the most light or packable and only available in very bright colours
  • Full review here

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