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Velocio LUXE Bra review

Velocio LUXE bra

Introducing the Velocio LUXE Bra

For a brand that started out seven years ago as a women’s cycling apparel brand, it might surprise you that the LUXE bra is the first sports bra offering from Velocio. We’re excited to see more and more cycling brands offering a sports bra, so when we heard that Velocio were the latest to introduce one to their line-up, we had to take a look. This LUXE model has been in development by the brand for the last year, with this model the fourth iteration in the design and prototyping process.

Materials and construction

If you’re familiar with the Velocio LUXE bib shorts, this bra has the same gorgeously soft material: 80% polyamide blended with 20% elastane for generous stretch. The wide and soft microfibre straps are the same as those you’ll find on the bib shorts too, which unlike the shorts run over the shoulders in parallel, rather than criss-cross over the back.

Velocio LUXE bra

The straps run in parallel over the shoulders

Around the bottom of the bra, an elastic band measures 3 centimetres deep, and the main material is finished with a plain black trim around the top. Flatlock seams on either side attach the front and back panels. Choose between charcoal, black or navy colourways, each with black straps and trim. As per usual, the Velocio branding is minimal, with a small multicoloured label on the back and the Velocio logo in reflective print in the centre of the back panel.

Velocio LUXE bra

The Velocio branding is subtle as ever, with the colour tag sewn into the flatlock seam on the rear

Central on the upper chest, you’ll notice a small grid of 24 laser cut holes for added ventilation.

Fit and sizing

Perhaps the most important – and most difficult to get right – part of women’s underwear is the fit. There’s two elements at play here, with the chest size in terms of circumference as well as the cup size. These don’t necessarily correlate either, as some women have a larger ribcage circumference but smaller breasts (like myself), or smaller ribcage with fuller breasts etc.

The good news is that there’s a fairly wide range of sizing available, from XXS to XXXL. When I measured up, I found myself between medium and large, so opted for one of each to try. For reference, my typical bra size is a 36B. It was soon apparent that the large was better for me, with a more comfortable fit around the underarms and less squeezing where you don’t want it, so I passed on the size medium to another tester for a second opinion. This was a little surprising as I certainly wouldn’t typically judge my chest to be ‘large’, so a reminder that it’s best to consult the size guide and measure up before ordering.

Velocio LUXE bra

I opted for the size large for light compression and comfort

For best results, Velocio suggest starting with the rib cage measurement, then fine tuning size based on bust measurement and fit preference (more compression vs a looser fit).

Velocio Luxe bra

From Velocio.cc: the sizing guide for the LUXE bra

It’s worth noting here that the LUXE bra is designed for ‘lightweight support – intended to provide support for cycling and other low-impact activities’, rather than out-and-out support for high impact sports. Anecdotally, a many women with fuller busts rely on higher levels of support, so if that is the case for you, you may need to look elsewhere.

Comfort and longevity

Just like the beautifully soft material we know and love from the Velocio LUXE bib shorts, the LUXE bra is wonderfully comfortable against the skin. So comfortable in fact, that I’ve ditched all my other sports bras and have been wearing this nearly non-stop (bar washing of course) since it arrived.

Velocio LUXE bra

The Velocio LUXE bra complements the LUXE shorts well

The wide microfibre straps over the shoulders don’t pinch or restrict movement at all, and the snug band around the ribcage helps to keep the bra in place even after hours in the saddle.

During higher intensity rides the grid of ventilation holes really come into their own, reducing that soggy cleavage feeling and reducing the cold sweat that many female riders will be all too familiar with. I do wonder if these could be extended further towards the rib band without compromising the structural integrity of the bra, to give even more ventilation in this area.

As I’ve worn the LUXE bra a lot over the last few months, it’s also been washed a lot, and looks just as good as new so far. This is important for a piece of kit that gets a lot of use!

The Velocio LUXE Bra verdict

Velocio LUXE bra

The LUXE bra is available in charcoal, black and navy

Retailing at £56, the Velocio LUXE bra certainly isn’t a budget option, but thanks to Velocio’s Signature Guarantee you can try it for 30 days and return for a full refund if you’re not happy with it.

I got a second opinion from serial bikepacker Beccy Waters, who tested the size medium (normal bra size 32F).

I have been wearing it to work as it’s so comfortable, and even slept it in the first night so it’s bivvy approved! It fits well: my boobs sit quite high on my chest so the straps could be shorter, but that’s an issue I’ve had with most bras I’ve ever owned.


I’m probably maxing out the hammock capacity of it but there’s no double breasting (industry term from all the bra fitters I’ve ever been to!) and very little bulge at the back below the scapula where I do normally have some back fat bulging.


Although, not very supportive so not usable for anything high impact, like running or the gym, which makes it an expensive sports bra for only one sport.

For my shape and size, I’m more than happy with it. I’m known to be a bit stingy when it comes to shelling out cash, so £56 might be more than I’d typically be willing to spend on a sports bra. Having said that, the quality of the LUXE bra has really impressed and for such a staple of the cycling wardrobe, I’d be willing to invest for a second.

More testing from women with fuller busts is required to determine just how suitable this light support bra is for all shapes and sizes, though I can say from my experience that it’s a great option for people with smaller cup sizes like mine.

Velocio LUXE Bra

£56 €63 $69

A wonderfully soft and comfortable bra for cycling and other light impact sports



  • Beautifully soft
  • Comfortable on and off the bike
  • Washes well


  • Pricier than most alternatives
  • Light support only - as stated

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