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Official UK off-road bikepacking routes for your next trip

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There’s no denying it; 2020 has been a crap year for anyone that loves travelling, even if that’s on home turf. Fingers crossed the situation will improve soon, and we can get back out on our bikes to explore. 

While fantasising about bikepacking around the glorious British Isles, we’ve pulled together this guide to UK bikepacking routes, to give you some inspiration for future adventures! If you click through to the komoot Collections below, you can find a lot more detail about these marvellous off-road routes.

UK official off-road bikepacking routes

Okay, the use of the word official might not be solidly defined, but here are *most* of the recognised long distance bikepacking across England, Scotland and Wales.

To view them all, click through to the komoot Collection and hit the ‘Show More’ button on the map to load more Tours.

Then to view each route in more detail, follow the links to the individual route Collections below.

If you’re new to komoot use our ADVNTR voucher code to get a region map bundle for free. Head to www.komoot.com/g and enter the code ADVNTR.

Valid until 31/12/2021

UK long distance bikepacking routes

These three routes span more than one single country.

Route komoot link Distance*
The Great North Trail
(Pennines to Cape Wrath)
komoot.com/collection/904449 1,256 km
Second City Divide
(Glasgow to Manchester)
komoot.com/collection/898918 634 km
GB Divide
(official route for GBDURO)
komoot.com/collection/1271169 1,963 km

Check out Dan Monaghan’s account of photographing Lachlan Morton at the GB DURO race here.


Scottish bikepacking routes

Please respect the Scottish Right to Roam legislation and follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code when riding in Scotland (more details here).

Cairngorms local knowledge
Andrew Cullen is our connoisseur for Scottish bikepacking routes, like this image from his Cairngorms weekender.
Route komoot link Distance*
The Capital Trail
komoot.com/collection/902010 243 km
The John Muir Way
(coast to coast)
www.komoot.com/collection/910443 207 km
The Cairngorms Loop komoot.com/collection/901294 302 km
The Badger Divide
(Inverness to Glasgow)
komoot.com/collection/90919 342 km
The Deeside Trail
(nr Aberdeen)
komoot.com/collection/907966 225 km
The Borders 350
(Scottish Borders)
komoot.com/collection/909415 543 km
The Faultline Trail
(Scotland tip to tip)
komoot.com/collection/911096 1,175 km
The Reiver Raid
(Scottish Borders)
komoot.com/collection/913719 171 km
The Southern Upland Way
(Scottish Borders)
komoot.com/collection/911723 351 km
The Central Belter komoot.com/collection/915663 1,215 km
West Island Way komoot.com/collection/1070065 333 km
West Highland Way komoot.com/collection/887973 160 km
Wild About Argyll komoot.com/collection/1096077 677 km

Welsh bikepacking routes

Sarn Helen Bikepacking Wales Route

Sarn Helen is believed to be an ancient route through Wales that today makes for an excellent North to South ride. Photo: For The Hell Of It.cc

Route komoot link Distance*
Trans Cambrian Way
(Mid Wales)
komoot.com/collection/899090 176 km
The Triban Trail
(NE Wales)
komoot.com/collection/917385 178 km
Sarn Helen komoot.com/collection/940661 306 km
Wales North to South
(Bangor to Cardiff)
komoot.com/collection/900599 316 km

English bikepacking routes

King Alfred's Way bikepacking
Field edge byways, forest bridleways and ancient tracks on the King Alfred’s Way, Southern England. Photo credit: Dave Sear/Pannier.cc
Route komoot link Distance*
The King Alfred’s Way** komoot.com/collection/1025015 350 km
Peddars Way
(East Anglia)***
komoot.com/collection/900448 74 km +
Sandstone Way
komoot.com/collection/899866 202 km
The South Downs Way
(SE England)
komoot.com/collection/888595 164 km
South Downs 300
(SE England)
komoot.com/collection/917720 304 km
Tim Woodcock’s Coast to Coast off-road
(Northern England)
komoot.com/collection/922018 347 km
The Ridgeway
(Southern England)
komoot.com/collection/899679 77 km
The Wessex Ridgeway
(Dorset and Wiltshire)
komoot.com/collection/960938 222 km
The Icknield Way
(Central England)
komoot.com/collection/959316 239 km

The Pennine Bridleway (Northern England)

komoot.com/collection/903673 296 km
Yorkshire Dales 300
komoot.com/collection/903458 306 km
The Peak 200
(Peak District)
komoot.com/collection/913338 222 km
The North Downs Way
komoot.com/collection/914765 220 km

The Braunton 150 (Exmoor)

komoot.com/collection/905868 241 km
The West Country Way
komoot.com/collection/907451 195 km
Lakeland 300
(Lake District)
komoot.com/collection/1071744 300 km

** check out our experience on the new King Alfred’s Way loop here
*** Read more from Nigel and James on riding the Peddars Way here

The Greater Ridgeway Trail

You can also link up the Wessex Ridgeway, the Ridgeway, the Icknield Way and Peddars Way to create ‘The Greater Ridgeway‘ spanning from the South Coast to North Norfolk.

To date, there’s just one section missing, the second half of the Ridgeway trail, which is currently inaccessible to bikes, although there is an alternative official bike trail in the works.


Katherine Moore - forthehellofit.cc
The expansive landscapes of the Trans Cambrian Way, Mid Wales. Photo: For The Hell Of It.cc


Not listed here: The Highland Trail 550 and The Lakeland 200. Let us know about any others we’ve missed!

*Distances my vary to official guides and other sources

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Official UK off-road bikepacking routes for your next trip

  1. James Roberts says:

    Really? Is this the prescribed narrative? Follow the yellow brick road…where’s the sense of discovery in that?

    1. Katherine Moore says:

      Heya James, these are established routes that you can choose to follow, or you can choose to make your own routes. No one’s telling you which option you have to go for!

  2. This must be the best Komoot collections post of the year. Hands down amazing! I saved it to my Komoot favorites immediately. Bucketlist material for years to come…
    Thanks for sharing ADVNTR & Katherine!!!

  3. Jon Hairsine says:

    Great piece of work – thanks Katherine! Hope we cross paths again in 2021 – Emma O & I are all set to play host here in Calderfornia

    1. Katherine Moore says:

      I hope so too! Yorkshire was big on my list to explore in 2020 so let’s hope it’s just shifted by a year, no more!

  4. swat says:

    North Peaks 100
    Lakeland 300

    1. Katherine Moore says:

      Lakeland 300 looks good! Never heard of the first one though, have you got a link?

      1. swat says:

        Here is the North Peaks 100 route: https://my.viewranger.com/route/details/MzA5NTk1Ng==

        The author asks that anyone completing the route posts it on The Bear Bones Bikepacking forum thread.

  5. Richard says:

    Are there any routes around the New Forest area?

    1. Katherine Moore says:

      Not official routes, but Cass from Bikepacking.com made this great one with some help from The Woods Cyclery: https://bikepacking.com/routes/new-forest-gravel-taster-uk/

      1. Richard says:

        Thank you for your reply. I’ve checked out the link you sent me. I have ridden along part of the route shown on the map but have not covered all of it. I would like to do this some time next year.

  6. imran shaikh says:

    This is a great collection of rides – thank you for putting them together – going to try the Yorkshire first – but it looks tough!

    1. Katherine Moore says:

      Yes that’s Yorkshire alright, but magnificent too!

  7. Chris Todd says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for putting this together! I’ve swung a sabbatical this summer and have used this collection to plan a north to south UK tour taking in as many of these routes as possible. Never been so excited for a staycation!

    1. Katherine Moore says:

      Awesome! Staycations are the one, so much to explore here in the UK! Let us know how you get on with it, yeah?

      1. Chris Todd says:

        100%, ADVNTR are pretty much accountable for my overall experience now right? 😅

        1. Katherine Moore says:

          Heh, heh, heh. The good, the bad, and the ugly – but that’s bikepacking for you!

  8. David says:

    if you’re up for adding to this post the east devon way could be added

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