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Truth to the Process – The Clandestine Story

“My name is Pi Manson. I believe in DIY punk, fun bikes, and truth to materials. I want local, handmade bikes and parts to be as accessible as possible. I leave my fillets un-filed. They show the process, the maker’s marks. A raw fillet is honest and utilitarian, beautiful as it is. My custom components have featured on award winning show bikes, been ragged by hard working messengers, and abused on long bike tours. My bikes are strong, fit for purpose, utilitarian, beautiful.”

Truth to the Process is a short film about Pi Manson and Clandestine Cycles, filmed in the summer of 2020 in Bristol, UK.

The film was created as a not-for-profit, collaborative passion project and involved the donated talents of several Bristol creatives and filmmakers.

You can learn more about Clandestine Cycles at clandestine.cc.


Director/Cinematographer: Dominic John
Producer: Jamie Edwards
Colourist: Dan Moran
Grading Producer: Suzi Grochala
Sound Mix & Design: Joe Simmons – Lab Grown Music

With thanks to:
Stuart Lanceley
Thom Heald
Jamie Harding
Pi Manson – Clandestine

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Truth to the Process – The Clandestine Story

  1. Andy Field says:

    Beautifully shot film and love Pi’s ethos. Also the bikes look amazing; pure and functional.

    1. Katherine Moore says:


  2. Gotta love Pi :-), always thrilled to see him featured and am in love with both of my own Clandestine machines.

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