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The Touring Bassoon: meet Alison

Music performance curator FABLE is excited to present SOLOS 1 with Alison Wormell, a project exploring 21st century music for solo bassoon as you follow Alison along her cycling routes and gravel riding escapes through South England.

“SOLOS I: A Series of Escapes” is an online recital-exhibition that explores how cycling, the great outdoors, and creativity though playing the bassoon have been a source of comfort and healing during lockdown.

Each escape will be presented as a separate short film in which Alison rides to a different location and perform a contemporary musical work for solo bassoon. These can be watched in any order across the weekend of May 29th and 30th. The audience will join Alison as she experiences being away from home, following her on her rides. Expect soundscapes, gravel trails, musings on what cycling teaches Alison, and quiet moments of reflection. Expect the performances to be about birds, song, water, the ocean, loss, and memory.

Photo by Raphael Masters

This project is an exploration of Alison’s, and many others’ reaction, to lockdown, and ways we can escape even in this very restricted time. She hopes that these selections will transport you beyond your home to a place of your choosing, be it in person or in your mind.


The project explores several routes escaping by bike out of London to locations such as Brighton, paired with contemporary bassoon repertoire. The 21st century musical program is listed below.

Water Spirit Song (2003) – Ross Edwards
Salamander (2020) – Zoe Martlew
November 22 (2018) – Kinan Azmeh
Ulpirra (2000) – Ross Edwards


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