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Specialized EMT tyre levers – review

Specialized EMT tyre levers

There isn’t much you can say about tyre levers. Or is there?

I have long been a fan of Park Tools tyre levers but a recent spate of breakages has encouraged me to look elsewhere. For me, the ideal tyre levers would:

  • Clip together
  • Be slightly longer than normal
  • Have a reinforced or metal core
  • Last but not least, I’d like the business end to have a good shape so I’m not fighting to get them behind the bead.

The Specialized EMT levers meet all of these criteria. They are longer than average, have a metal reinforced core, and a magnetic clip. Every time I have used them (and I am changing tyres a lot) they have been easy to use, even with difficult tyres. The extra length gives me a bit more leverage than normal too.

Apparently, Specialized think there should be MTB and road variations. I managed to buy the MTB version and they work equally well on road rims and tyres.

Specialized Tyre Lever

Heavy Metal

I have seen these levers criticised on various sites for being too heavy to carry. So I had to weigh them. At 37g they are a “massive” 13g heavier than a pair of Part Tool levers but, to put in in perspective, they are 6g lighter than a well known gel. If you can’t cope with lugging an extra 13g around, then I think you need to reevaluate your fitness!


They meet all my basic criteria. They are tyre levers and fulfill that function admirably. They cost between £8.50 and £9.00 from Evans.

I’d be happy to recommend these to anyone – except maybe the weeniest of weight weenies!


Specialized EMT Tyre Levers


Solid bit of kit



  • They are long, and strong
  • They clip together
  • They help me get tyres off!


  • None that I can think of

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