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Two Trails, One Adventure – Romagna Bike Trail

Romagna Bike Trail
Romagna Bike Trail

Fancy an adventure in the beautiful countryside of Romagna, Italy? An adventure without any type of support, on a mountain bike, up and down the hills of Romagna all the way to the Adriatic sea.

The 25th August 2018 will see the 3rd edition of the Romagna Bike Trail which successfully launched in 2016 and if 2017 was anything to go by, 2018 will prove to be the most popular edition yet.

Romagna Bike Trail 2018 offers more choice to riders; the organisers will have two routes available to allow participants the options to try and meet their needs, physical fitness and time availability. The first route will be about 600 km long with a difference in altitude of about 12.000 D+. And the second route will be about 350 km long with a difference in altitude of about 6.500 D+. Each participant must face the trail in complete autonomy, without any type of support.

A technical note: D refers to the French word dénivelé, which means altitude. With European trail races you will often see a number followed by D+, which is short for denivélé positif, ie. elevation gain. D- would be denivélé negatif, ie. elevation loss. The measurements are usually in meters. For example, 600 m D+ would be equivalent of 1,969 ft. elevation gain.

Both routes start and finish in Ravenna, the largest city in Romagna. Riders will be faced with several different types of road surface: tarmac, dirt roads, cycle lanes, forest paths and all with some lung busting climbs. Romagna may not boast the elevation gain of the Alps or the Dolomites, but the climbs are often steep and the continual ups and downs will give you little respite.

The clock starts ticking at the start and continues until you cross the line at the end. There are no time limits and you can choose when and where to stop along the route.

Still interested? Registration for the Romagna Bike Trail 2018 opens 6th November 2017. Visit www.romagnabiketrail.it for more information.

Romagna Bike Trail

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