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Rider interview: Andy Lawrence

Continuing our irregular rider interview series, today we meet up with Andy Lawrence. Like many of us, Andy has a day job and has to juggle the work/life balance. Clearly a professional juggler in a past life, as he manages to get away on some seriously awesome rides!

Please take the time to introduce yourself….

I’m Andy Lawrence, currently residing in the flat lands of Essex. I have cultivated a passion for riding my bike a long way.

What made you seek adventure by bicycle?

The mountains have always been my first love, but when travelling by bike you get to see so much more in a day.

Andy Lawrence interview - Tour Divide

What was your experience of cycling before?

I have always owned a bike but the multi-day endurance side of biking came after climbing, mountaineering, running and triathlon.

Do you “train to ride” or “ride to train”?

Neither, I ride because I love it, fast or slow, short or long!

Tell us about your bike…

As most cyclists, I have more than one bike and each has it’s job. Each year I train for one big ride and build/modify the most suitable frame up to suit. For the Tour Divide I rode an Enigma Titanium Hardtail, and for my recent trip to Patagonia I used a steel Shand Bahookie.

What is your favourite gadget or item that you can’t do without on a big ride?

That’s easy, I wouldn’t get far without my Garmin!

Andy Lawrence interview - Patagonia Trail

Just one of the amazing views on offer in Patagonia

What route would you suggest as a “must do”?

That’s a toughy, if I had to choose just one and one only it would have to be the Tour Divide, I know it sounds like B.S. but it really was a life changer for me.

Where next for you?

If all goes to plan it will be the Colorado Trail Race.

Any tips, advice, do’s or don’ts for the budding bikepacker?

Don’t over think it, just get out there and ride your bike, making mistakes is all part of the fun. We are all capable of so much more than we think.

Andy Lawrence interview - Torino - Nice Rally

Sunset over the Maritime Alps on The Torinio-Nice Rally

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