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Rideguard Vision and Gaiter Kraken guards review

RideGuard Vision and Gaiter

Rideguard is a Bristol based company which produce mudguards for riders who demand a sustainable alternative. Started in 2014 with MTB mudguards, the brand now offers seven different products across all cycling disciplines and are constantly updating the already incredible array of designs. On test I have had the gravel cut Kraken design since December.

The most impressive aspect of the brand is their OceanX project, which started in 2019 and has seen three tonnes of discarded fishing nets into their products. Working closely with coastal communities, Rideguard ensure that the collection of end of life fishing gear means the material is now a precious resource and prevents it from being discarded into our seas, harming marine life and delicate ecosystems.

Proceeds from purchases fund the project, as well as trail and beach cleans too. They are also encouraging other brands to use recycled plastics, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so too. Given the choice, if you can buy a product that hasn’t used any virgin materials AND is from a company that supports and develops sustainability initiatives, it makes it a no-brainer for me. The guards are all made from 100% recycled plastic waste and are 100% recyclable. This is just brilliant.

RideGuard Vision guard

RideGuard Vision and Gaiter

The Vision guard is easy to install with zip ties and protective Heli-tape provided

The front and rear mudguards (Vision and Gaiter respectively) are designed for gravel and ‘cross bikes in mind, with the Gaiter applicable for road bikes too on the rear.

The Vision fits disc-equipped  bikes with tyre widths from 23mm up to 60mm. I’ve fitted these to my fork legs using the zip ties and Heli-tape provided, which protects your paint from the zip ties when moving around or when crud works its way underneath and it’s done a great job. No complaints there.

RideGuard Vision and Gaiter

The storm fin reduces spray from the front

There’s a storm fin at the very front of the guard which provides extra protection in the wet, from the wet. However, if it’s not your thing and you don’t like the look of it, you can simply trim it off and pop it in your recycling. With the plastic being fairly thin, you could trim off as much material as you wish, for instance there was contact with my downtube from the rear of the guard and I nipped off around a millimetre from the back.

RideGuard Gaiter guard

RideGuard Vision and Gaiter

Just like on the front, the rear Gaiter guard is easy to install with just a few zip ties

The Gaiter on the rear also comes with two zip ties that fasten around the saddle rails, with a rounded recess that sits nicely on the rails too. It will fit all gravel, cross and road bikes with a tyre width up to 40mm. Of course it will still fit bikes with wider tyres, but for that RideGuard recommend the wider PF2 rear mudguard to help increase protection from rear wheel spray.

There’s a hole that slots over the seat clamp bolt too for added security. You then fold the plastic slightly along the guid lines for added rigidity and bosh, it’s good to go.

The RideGuard verdict

RideGuard Vision and Gaiter

With so many great designs to choose from, that’s probably the trickiest bit!

These guards are designed primarily to keep mud and spray down, and while they don’t pretend to offer the same protection a full mudguard does, but they do a Kraken job (sorry not sorry) of keeping a heck of a lot of muck out of your face, up your back and out of your lower headset bearings.

I kept an eye on how much mud gathers on the gaiter, as the added weight can make it flop a bit on a sticky clay day so I found a quick trailside wipe and a re-crimp of the folds would sort it. After five months on my bike, the colours haven’t faded on the incredible design (check the website for others, they’re epic) and the plastic hasn’t broken down at all or torn on creased areas which I have had happen with another brand.


Editor’s note: I’ve been using the RideGuard Trash Free Trails PF1 MTB front guard for nearly a year and have been really impressed with the durability, even after some crashes and folding in transit. For the saved fork stanchions and muddy face it’s been worth the tenner many times over!


To be able to buy a cycling product that does what it says on the tin and makes a positive impact is something we should all aim for. These aren’t offering 100% protection from all kinds of mud and moisture but if you’re after something on your daily push iron to keep your clothes clean, or even something to reduce your admin time after ride by way of simple mudguard in the places that count then these are for you. All the while making powerful strokes into a sustainable future for the sport we all love.



RideGuard Vision and Gaiter guards


Keeps you, your bike, and the oceans cleaner



  • Easy installation
  • Keeps the majority of spray off
  • Great designs with varied artwork to choose from


  • Gaiter can become floppy when weighted with mud, reducing effectiveness

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