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Review – Pedro’s Downhill Tyre Lever

Pedro’s Downhill Tyre Lever

A quick review of the Pedro’s Downhill Tyre lever and why it warrants a place in your tool box.

As you can see from the picture, this is a chunky old tool. You really aren’t going to carry it with you on the trail, it is a workshop only item.

I have only had one of these for a  little while. I invested in this tool as I change lots of tyres. Many of which are so tight on the rim that standard, plastic levers break. I never had this problem with MTB tyres and seldom with road tyres but gravel tyres…. Gravel tyres seem to occupy a transitional space between road and MTB. Neither one thing nor another, they can either slip on with ease or not. If your new tyres fit into the latter category you might find yourself with a pile of snapped levers, skinned knuckles and a bad temper!

If you recognise yourself from the previous paragraph, read on. Salvation is at hand.

Pedro's Downhill Tyre Lever

Big ol’ thing

There’s no escaping the fact that this tyre lever is big and heavy duty. It is 275mm long and gives you incredible leverage.

The stainless steel shovel tip is wide enough to spread the pressure on your rim. It is also thin enough for you to get in there between the tyre bead and rim without a struggle. The finish is very smooth and isn’t going to scuff up your rim.

The, soft to the touch, screwdriver handle makes it easy and comfortable to use.

Pedro’s offer a lifetime warranty but honestly, I can’t see any of these going back. Firstly, most people won’t use them that often and secondly, it is so well built I doubt you’ll ever bend it.


Maybe this lever’s biggest advantage is also a disadvantage. Having all that leverage at your disposal can be a real temptation. You just have to have a little sympathy with your rim. Getting stuck in and grabbing a big chunk of tyre may end up less than optimal results. You have been warned!


At between £13.00 and £16.00 – depending on where you can find one, it might be the best money you ever spent.

Pedro's Downhill Tyre Lever

£13.00 to £16.00

Solid bit of kit



  • Solid
  • Lots of leverage


  • Lots of leverage!

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