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Alpkit Comet Gloves

Alpkit Comet Gloves on Log

The Comet Gloves are a minimalist (20g), full fingered, MTB and Adventure glove from outdoor specialists Alpkit. They come in three colourways: black, blue and a light plum. Made from Polyester and synthetic leather, they promise to provide high levels of grip without any bulk.

The cuff is non existent and the glove ends just below the wrist. It was quite a strange feeling to begin with but after a while it grew on me.

The overall quality is good and there were no stray threads or uncomfortable ridges at the fingertips.

Incidentally, the gloves are covered by Alpkit’s 3 Year Alpine Bond

Alpkit Comet Gloves

Synthetic leather palms are soft to touch and grippy as you like.

In use

Let’s get this out of the way immediately. These gloves will not keep your hands warm, nor will they keep them dry. I used them with a pair of silk glove liners for a chilly road ride. They were fine, though my fingers began to get more chilled as the ride progressed.

I think they have the makings of an excellent summer glove.

We spent a very wet and muddy morning in Thetford Forest trying to find out how they coped in less than ideal conditions.. Not once did I have any grip issues. The glove stuck to the bars so I was in control at all times, even when the bike was sliding out all over the place.

Riding along with the Alpkit Comet gloves

Putting the Alpjkit Comet gloves through their paces in typically wet and mucky December weather.

The lack of padding on the palm may be an issue for some. Personally, I prefer double wrapped bars to chunky gloves and I really appreciated the ‘feel’ provided by the thin material on the palms.

They were a little bit of a struggle to get on initially because the entrance isn’t elasticated, and there are no velcro tabs. Once I had used them a couple of times the material slackened off slightly, making the process easier. The lack of traditional closures isn’t a problem and actually, I quite like it.

Alpkit Comet Gloves

Plenty of breathability through the mesh upper. Great for summer and milder spring and autumn days.


I like these gloves. They are comfortable, unobtrusive and grippy. At £16.00 a pair, they represent very good value for money. Add to that the 3 Year Alpine Bond and you have a winning package.

I haven’t been able to base this review on hundreds of miles use because they just aren’t warm enough. Longevity therefore remains an unknown. They are quite flimsy so I am interested to find out how well they last.

I have identified the stress spots and will keep an eye on the stitching. If there are any significant issues I will update this review.

Otherwise, these promise to be a good and useful addition to your summer glove collection.

Alpkit Comet Glove


Lightweight, full fingered gloves



  • Lighweight
  • Comfortable
  • Grippy in the wet


  • No padding

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