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PEdALED Odyssey Jersey & Bibshorts

PEdAL ED Odyssey Collection

PEdALED has become synonymous with ultra-endurance cycling. Applying experience gained from events like the Transcontinental Race and the Silk Road Challenge, the brand have developed a stylish and practical range of clothing for the ultra distance rider.

PEdALED Odyssey – An integrated clothing system

Japanese design and Italian craftsmanship has always been the PEdALED way. The Odyssey range is Hideto Suzuki’s take on a fully integrated  ‘clothing system’ designed specifically for the needs of ultra-endurance cyclists and bikepackers alike. Clothing system? essentially the clothing range has been considered as a whole rather than individual pieces.

On test we have the PEdALED Odyssey jersey and bibshorts (the core of the system) but the range also extends to a waterproof jacket, reflective gilet, socks, gloves and even a range of bike luggage designed in collaboration with Miss Grape.

PEdAL ED Odyysey

PEdALED Odyssey Jersey £125


PEdALED have comfort as a quality high on their list of must haves. It does not matter how fantastic something looks on paper, if it does not deliver out on the trail, it is worse than useless.

Although produced from a fairly predictable Polyester/Elastane mix, as with many things in life, it is what you do with the ordinary to make it extraordinary that differentiates leaders from the “also rans”.

The main design parameters are for the jersey to be breathable and quick drying with ‘anti smell protection’. All I can say is that during the recent warm weather, it coped very well. The two mesh panels under the arms helped me keep as cool as possible and I had no issues with people staying upwind of me during rides or coffee stops!

PEdAL ED Odyssey

The stand out feature that makes this a ‘long distance’ jersey, as opposed to a normal race jersey is its storage capacity. There are seven pockets to fill with junk and goodies.

There are the usual three pockets on the back of the jersey, along with two more on each side. The back pockets are deep and elasticated, the side pockets are rather narrower. It is best to think of them as somewhere to keep mid ride snacks, I also found it useful for keeping my GoPro close to hand. A modern jersey would not be complete without a security pocket and finally, the middle pocket sports an additional mesh pocket for a gilet, rain jacket or similar.

PEdAL ED Odyssey rear view
The fit

The Odyssey Jersey is very slim and typically Italian. I recommend you go for the next size up. I am usually a medium. The large was still a racy cut, but with a little extra room to be comfortable rather than aero tight.


Although the fabric feels very thin, it copes with plenty of pulling and stretching. A close encounter with brambles had me thinking “that’s torn it” but it emerged relatively unscathed. The fabric feels very nice against the skin, with no raised seams or ‘tight spots’.

I was pleased to see a decent ‘zip garage’ both at the top and the bottom of the jersey. One at the bottom? PEdALED took the extra precaution just in case the base of the zip rubs on your shorts when tucked in an aero position. Not that I have ever had this problem, but the attention to detail is reassuring.

Pedal Ed off on an adventure


Apart from having more transport potential than a pack mule, the other real highlight for me was the reflective detailing. The jersey is covered with reflective strips running down the back, around the hem and the bottom of each sleeve. Nice work, PEdAL ED.

The quality and comfort of the PEdALED Odyssey Jersey is spot on and with this many pockets, you could even leave the frame bags at home!

PEdALED Odyssey Bibshorts £145

The Odyssey bibshorts maintain and embrace the storage theme. Style wise, they continue the subtle theme running through the whole Odyssey range with subtle red highlights and discrete PEdALED logos and Japanese script in a reflective print.

The shorts feature three pockets in total. At the bottom of the bib, at the back, is a large mesh pocket, large enough to swallow a jacket/gilet, or a few inner tubes and tools. Off the bike it feels awkward and insecure. I was constantly worried that something would drop out. Once riding however, the top of the pocket was taut enough to keep everything snug and safe.

Riding along with Odyssey

This is where the whole ‘integration’ thing becomes apparent. It is all about pocket placement. The large pocket on the shorts sits beneath the hem of the shirt so you never have to fiddle about to get to it. It proved jolly useful too as somewhere to keep pump, snacks and my trusty Fikaskap phone wallet.

As the weight is kept low on your back it somehow feels lighter than carrying the same amount of kit crammed into jersey pockets. It will not be long before everyone has a version of this.

On the base of each leg is a small hidden ‘upside down’ pocket for an energy gel or snack bar. It is a tidier take on the old ‘gel up the leg’ trick. The main advantage is the gel will not wander around your shorts or make an unscheduled bid for freedom. An elasticated cuff covers the entrance to the pocket and prevents any of your goodies escaping.

Rear cargo pocket
The fit

The cut is perfect and there are no irritating seams or labels. The straps are a sensible width and are very comfortable.

The Odyssey shorts have a supportive, compression fit and are very snug on the legs. The elastic of the leg pockets makes them just that little bit tighter. It is however comfortable rather than restrictive.

The chamois is minimalist featuring just two thin looking pads with a central relief channel. The sit bone support however, is just right and I was perfectly comfortable over 100+ km off-road rides. Unlike the jersey, the PEdAL ED Odyssey bibshort is true to size with no need to size up.

Odyysey leg pocket


At £145, PEdALED are in a crowded and highly competitive price range. The quality of the fabrics, the overall finish and the comfort they provide on long distance rides, makes them a credible choice. The pockets may not strike you as something you will ever need on a ride, but trust me, you will use them.

PEdAL ED riding

Overall thoughts…

When I first read the PEdALED Odyssey press release, I seriously questioned why anyone, even a die hard bikepacker, would ever need a total of 10 pockets. You can strap enough bags to your bike to carry your worldly processions anyway. It is only when you use the PEdALED Odyssey collection in anger that the penny drops. All these pockets really do make sense. Once you have grown accustomed to them, you will wonder how you ever did without them.

Ignore the novelty storage however and you have a well produced, and seriously comfortable, set of garments for long summer rides.

Lightweight, breathable, functional and durable pretty much sums up the range. The clothing system concept works in a complimentary sense, but don’t feel you are missing out by just purchasing one item. The functionality of the shorts and jersey as individual pieces is such that you will still see the benefits.

While attention has gone into making the jersey and shorts visible at night, I would liked to have seen more colour options for the jersey. Black and grey are fine but cycling needs more colour!

Overall, if you are planning on riding a long, long way at speed and in comfort, the Odyssey range is well worth a look.

PEdAL ED Odyssey

Jersey £125 Shorts £145

Performance clothing with long haul storage combined with superb comfort



  • Great quality and exceptional comfort
  • Pockets... So many pockets!
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • Limited colour options
  • Sizing is on the small side

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