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New WTB Raddler: A radder Riddler

WTB Raddler

Unlike the refreshing shandy drink with a similar name, this Raddler is full aggro! Introducing the new WTB Raddler. If the tread pattern looks a little familiar, that’s because it’s an evolution of its Riddler sibling. The new tread pattern features an increase in knob height and spacing across the entire tread, while even more height has been added to the outer knobs in an effort to improve cornering traction in loose terrain.

WTB Raddler tread profile

It’s all about increased tread height with the new WTB Raddler.

Our development resulted in a fast gravel tyre with a mountain bike soul.Wilderness Trail Bikes

One of our few criticisms of the Riddler was that the tread wasn’t very hard wearing. WTB assure us that long-term durability has been improved by increasing the surface area of the centre and intermediate blocks. WTB describe the Raddler as a semi-slick, but one designed to increase confidence when pushing the limits of gravel.

WTB Raddler

Chunky isn’t it? WTB assure us that the Raddler is a fast roller despite the increased knob height.

Mountain Bike Heritage

Five years ago, the Riddler tread pattern was introduced as a mountain bike tyre featuring minimal centre knobs paired to hefty outer knobs to provide optimal pedalling efficiency without sacrificing traction under heavy cornering. One year later, WTB expanded the Riddler family to include a 700c version in both 37 and 45mm widths to meet the needs of gravel and adventure cyclists. Bringing the evolution full circle, the Raddler combines the aggressive focus of that initial MTB design with the gravel format of the proven Riddler.  Love the tried-and-true Riddler gravel tyre? Don’t worry, it’ll remain in the WTB tyre line for drop bar riders who desire a semi-slick with shorter knobs.

Muddy Raddler

A gravel tyre that enjoys mud? WTB have our attention!

Sizes and Availability

The Raddler is available in 700c only in widths of both 40mm and 44mm. Sidewall options are black or tan and each casing option carries an RRP of £44.99, which falls in line with WTB’s uniform pricing structure where all drop bar tyres present the same RRP regardless of diameter or width. All options are available and shipping in Europe.

Hotlines Europe are the exclusive distributor for WTB in the UK. Check out www.wtb.com for more info.

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