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Lusso Adventure Bib Short review

Lusso’s heritage dates back to the early 1980’s when John and Dorothy Harrison formed the company. With nearly 40 years industry experience we were excited to test Lusso’s new addition to their line up – the Adventure Bib Short, as part of our cargo bib short group test.

‘We tested the Adventure Bibshorts for 18 months before bringing them to the market.  We wanted a pair of can do, go anywhere bibs…The Adventure Bibshorts are ideal for gravel riding, Audax, long distance touring/cycling or just commuting.’

These shorts were tested between April and June, during which summer never arrived, then briefly did, then went again… in other words, tested in all conditions. 

I think it’s always good to start by setting out my stall as a reviewer: I’m 5’11, not svelte, and I struggle with sizing sometimes (especially Italian sizes). I ride a whole mix of terrain at different distances, I like beer and have hairy legs. Now you got the measure of me, back to the bibs.


Compression Italian fabrics make up the majority of the Adventure bibs construction

The bibs are made with Italian-made breathable compression fabrics, connected with a flat seams for comfort. The legs hems feature a 45mm-wide soft breathable gripper, embossed with the Lusso logo.

The bibs have 50+ UV Ray sun protection (not so UK useful at the minute) and an endurance breathable chamois pad, supposedly suitable for rides of 8 hours and more. The wide 70mm bib straps are made from Coolmesh fabric. 

Fit and comfort

This is something I usually struggle with, as I don’t like overly short shorts. I feel aggrieved at having to buy XXXL from some companies and I don’t want the straps to feel like they pull down. I sized the bibs based on the Lusso guidelines and opted for XL, and the fit and feel was spot on. I tend to normally (in everyday shorts) be in the L-XL range.

When fitted, they feel great. I was hesitant at first with the honeycomb pattern and striped pockets, but they’re more subtle than in the pictures. The leg grippers are great and helped prevent any roll up. The lighter strap material also helped with over heating.

Wide, silicone-backed leg grippers really do the job here

The shorts are cut quite high at the front, which suits me as some shorts can droop low when riding. The bibs don’t tend to shift much when riding, but I’m not overly keen on the bib straps. On many rides I could feel them shifting, twisting and beginning to pull on my shoulders. This is one thing I’ve began to take issue with on shorts and I’m glad many brands have moved to seamless strap material.

The bib shorts offer a consistent fit in line with Lusso’s online size guide

Unfortunately, the Lusso Adventure shorts still have the stitched strap edges. It’s not a deal breaker as the shorts are really good, but I think on a super long ride I’d really notice them. 

The bib straps were one area that could be improved

The chamois pad sat comfortably from the first ride. Sometimes I find that pads need some bedding in, but these didn’t: ready to go from the start. After a few rides they remained comfortable, there were no pinch spots and rubbing, which was pleasing. The 8+ hour endurance pad isn’t overly thick and intrusive, and the seamless material feels comfy and sits nicely.

The endurance pad, designed for long rides of eight hours or more

More recently I have begun to notice some ruffle spots in the groin area, where the pads adjusted and bedded in. They haven’t caused any problems but it may be something that could cause issue on a long distance, multi-day ride.

Bib internals: flatlocked seams, the endurance chamois and wide, silicone-backed leg grippers

Cargo pocket features

How many sweets and bars can you fit in a pocket? It’s why we buy shorts like this right? Answer = one packet of fruit salads, one packets of shrimps and bananas and several Outdoor Provisions bars (all the food groups right)! How many cans of beer I hear you say? 2 x 330ml cans – you’re welcome!

Pocket testing is a tough gig…

The Lusso shorts have a pocket on each thigh and two rear bib pockets too. The pocket construction on the legs is made from an opaque, ribbed lycra material rather than mesh. These are robustly stitched and can take a full load without any sag or mis-shaping.

The two pockets on the rear lower back are smaller and less accessible

The length of the leg pockets is perfect, and I was happy to store my phone in them on a ride. The rear pockets are large enough for bars but could do with being a bit deeper. As these rear pockets are a little more difficult to access than the legs, I’d often put reserve bars in there. 


After a couple of months of wearing and washing the shorts, they still feel fresh and haven’t lost any tension in the material. The stitching still appears to be fine, even at the stress points like the pocket edges. The leg cuff still grip. The straps seem a little used now, but most shorts get this after time.  The pad remains comfy and hasn’t frayed or damaged anywhere.  All great news!

The look

At first I wasn’t too sure about the honeycomb and striped pocket look (that was so 1999), but quickly realised the patterns are more subtle than they look online. There’s no flash branding on them (which I like) and they look good on, too. They have some small reflective tabs on the legs at the seam for lower light conditions.

Stripes and honeycomb textures are less obvious when on

The Lusso Adventure Bib verdict

Perfect for stashing some post-ride recovery, eh?

Simply put, I like them…. They surpassed my initial impressions and have been a go-to bib to grab for a ride. The Adventure Bibs seem to have plenty of life in them and the fact that they size as good as they do really brings in the extra review points (made in Manchester)! At the price of £125 they sit somewhere towards the middle to top end of the bib short market.

Would I spend £125 on them? Before I reviewed them, I’d be skeptical, but after the review I’d say they’re a worth the cost. 

Lusso Adventure Bib Shorts

£125 $173USD €145.38

For a durable and comfortable pair of bibs with great pockets from a British company, the Lusso bibs are a great shout



  • Great fitting and realistic sizing
  • Durable material and good sized pockets
  • Solid performance chamois


  • Bib straps have a seamed edge and do pull down on the shoulders
  • A little priey

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