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Juice Lubes Chain Juice – Wet

Juice Lubes Wet

Juice Lubes Chain Juice – Wet

Juice Lubes have built up a bit of a reputation as a down to earth manufacturer of chain lube, bike cleaners, grease etc. There is nothing sexy about the stuff they make. No one is going to eye up your bike and comment on your chain lube for example. Having said that, the impact that a good (or bad) lube can have on your riding is probably more significant than that rear mech upgrade you want. So, think of this as one of those critical things that quietly works away in the background.

Wet Lube

A word about my experience of wet lubes. They tend to be more viscous than lighter lubricants because they have to cope with wet, mud, and whatever gunge flies up from the road or trail. They should cling to chains throughout the worst of conditions. This is great but, this is less of an advantage when ‘lube’ turns into grinding paste. We have all been there. Riding along, every pedal stroke accompanied by that expensive sounding scrunch.  Something I am keen to avoid. As a result, I prefer to use wax based lubes and go through the pain of cleaning and re-lubing the chain every ride.

This is hardly a good mindset to approach the review of something that promised to be ‘just another wet lube’. So, I cleaned my chain thoroughly, polished up my sprockets to eliminate cross contamination, applied the Chain Juice and headed out into the wet.

Juice Lubes Wet Lube

Not just another wet lube after all!

Expecting to be comprehensively underwhelmed, I spent more time than I would like, putting this lube through its paces. I splashed or squelched through every puddle, section of wet sand or mud I could find. It wasn’t much fun but the results were interesting.

At the end of these rather damp and potentially gritty rides, the chain was as smooth and quiet as when I had begun. Back at the workshop, a wipe down of the chain revealed very little. The usual grease and grit (grinding paste) was conspicuous by its absence. Much to my surprise, the lube hadn’t simply washed away either. The chain felt greasy to the touch as mentioned before, the chain remained smooth and quiet. Result!


I was pleasantly surprised and, based on my experience thus far, I would happily use this all through the winter months.

Juice Lube Chain Juice - Wet

£4.99 to £7.99

A decent lube for those wet and gritty winter rides.



  • It works well


  • None that I can see yet

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