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Into The Clouds

109 miles, 16,000 feet, and 9 hours. Just an average social ride for Kona Adventure Team and 7mesh rider, Barry Wicks and his best buddy Erik Tonkin.

Barry and Erik have been riding together for what seems like forever. Their relationship was built around mentorship and racing, but over the years has evolved into a unique kinship. On this trip, they conquered two of Maui’s most daunting rides and combined them into one epic day on their way into the clouds.

As the old Hawaiian proverb says, “Kulia i ka nu’u”
“strive to reach the highest point.”

Into the Clouds - Barry Wicks, Kona Bikes, 7mesh

Into the Clouds: Barry Wicks and Erik Tonkin rocking the gravel on their Kona Libre bikes.

Barry had the wild idea to link up two of Maui’s iconic rides into one, long loop. He and Tonkin plotted the time and energy it would take to ride Maui’s ultra-winding West Loop via the backside of Haleakala via its steep and rutted, gravel road. The 58 mile West Maui Loop features over 4,000 feet of climbing and rewarding views of the surf breaks and the island of Moloka’i.

Haleakala on the other hand, is completely different. While there is a perfectly good road leading to the summit, that was too easy for Barry and Erik. Instead, the duo mapped out a trail following a forgotten dirt road that climbs the volcano. Why take the “easy” route when you can choose a 10,000 foot climb of punishment? The reward is always greater.

Kona Bikes7mesh

Directed by: Joonas Vinnari

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