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I really need a cup of coffee, go get me a cupajoe…

The relationship between cyclists and coffee is a well worn cliché. Witness to this are countless cafes and tea rooms fit to bursting with cyclists seeking their regular fix. Further testament to this relationship are the mugs conspicuously dangling from the seat packs of bike packers or long distance tourists. It is to this latter group that the Java Drip will appeal.

For the self sufficient bike packer, a mid ride brew is usually a sachet of instant coffee. The practicality of lugging around proper coffee making kit usually precludes the brewing of anything more exotic.  GSI Outdoors (imported into the UK by Lyon Outdoor) have developed the Java Drip to get around this problem. This handy little device promises to make ‘proper’ coffee while being compact and lightweight. It would be no exaggeration to call it ‘ultralight’.  The Java Drip weighs a paltry 12g and folds down small enough to fit into the recess in the base of your average gas canister.

The Java Drip comes with instructions but using it is simplicity itself. Extend the legs, clip them on the rim of your mug, pop in your ground coffee, add water and bingo, a cup of coffee. The filter is integral to the Java Drip so once you’ve jettisoned the coffee grounds, a quick rinse of the mesh and you’re good to go.

GSI Java Drip

One more cup of coffee ‘fore I go to the valley below…

It has to be said that instant coffee, such as Lavazza Prontissimo, has come a long way but if you like your brew to have flavours of cacao nibs, bruised plums, treacle toffee and the like, you’ll appreciate the Java Drip and the ability to use your own ground coffee.

Folds flat for easy storage

Folds flat for easy storage

Fits in the recess of a gas container

Fits in the recess of a gas canister

In use

For the test I used  Union Roasted Revelation Beans and a coarse grind.

The filter net easily accommodates 30g of coffee so you can start the day with a monster cup or share with your riding buddy. The mesh is just the right size to keep the grains in without letting the water flow through too quickly. Once you’ve finished the grounds are easily shaken out and a quick splash of water rinses the filter clean.

It is worth mentioning that the Java Drip can make a lightweight mug top heavy. Find a level surface or risk spilling the whole lot!

While the Java Drip is undeniably light, one flaw is that you have to double up on containers. One to boil water in and another to drip the coffee into,



Done in

Done in


The GSI Outdoors Java Drip does exactly what it is designed to do while taking up hardly any space in your pack. If you want filter coffee while on your outdoor adventures it’s a great option.


GSI Outdoors Java Drip

Around £12

Enjoy filter coffee anywhere your bike takes you!



  • Lightweight & low bulk
  • No fuss operation
  • No single-use filter to dispose of


  • Needs a "kettle"

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