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Genetic Driser 4-10 drop handlebars

Genetic Driser 4-10


25 years on from riser-bars having their second coming on mountain bikes, Genetic have released their new Driser 4-10 drop-bars. Joining the original Driser 4 road  and Driser 16 gravel bars there is a clear family resemblance. In common with its predecessors, the Driser 4-10 is a drop-riser, that is to say a drop bar with a rise on the top section. At first this seems counter-intuitive but there are situations where this could come in handy. Perhaps to get comfy you need more height than your steerer can accommodate, or perhaps you just want to avoid the huge stack-o-spacers look.

Paired with gel-pads the drisers are a seriously comfy bar

On the bike

The 4-10 part of the Genetic Driser name relates to the 4 degree flare on the drops and the 10mm rise from the centre. The original Driser shared the same flare but came with a 20mm rise. Another way that Drop-bars are aping MTB trends is by getting wider. The Genetic Driser 4-10 is available in five widths from 400 to 480mm in 20mm increments.

The tops of the Drisers are an interesting shape. Normally you’d refer to it as aero, but that’s probably not the biggest concern for someone hoping to raise their bars! I tried our test set with some gel-pads and it made the drisers almost a replacement for flat handlebars. The 4° flare seems tame compared to  a Woodchipper, but adds 16mm width on the drops. So for an Audax, back-roads bash or gravel-lite© it’s enough to help your elbows flex outward. The drisers are made from 6061 alloy and (even without the gel pads) didn’t feel overly harsh or excessively flexible.

Genetic Driser 4-10

Roomy & practical with a hint of flare!

Aside from ride feel the drisers have another couple of handy features. There are channels underneath to help recess the cables and also maintain a comfy shape when gripped. The semi-aero flat-tops leave a bit more room for GPS & light mounts, useful for bars that aim to help you stay out longer! At £44.95 the Drisers compare favourably to rivals and offer a broader width range. If you have some big rides planned, or a bike that’s too compromised for regular use, the drisers could be the bars to open up your options.


  • 6061 Aluminium tubing
  • 40/42/44/46/48 cm Widths
  • 10mm rise
  • 70mm reach
  • 4° Flare
  • 115mm drop
  • 31.8mm stem clamp diameter
  • 23.8mm main tube diameter
  • Laser etched logos on a sand blasted and black anodised finish

Driser 4-10


An easy way to add height and comfort to your bike



  • Sizes to suit most riders
  • Solves "short-steerer syndrome"
  • Variety of comfortable positions

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