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Fickaskåp waterproof phone wallet

Fickaskap phone wallet

“I can’t stand the rain….”

It’s a conundrum that we all face. How do you safely carry about expensive tech that we just can’t live without (our phone), in a sweaty back pocket? It isn’t so much the bumps and scrapes we need to worry about, it is the moisture.  And then there’s the rain…

Zip up freezer bags keep tech and money safe and dry, but they aren’t particularly robust. For gravel fashionistas, they don’t look cool either. Brothers Neil and Adrian spotted that the gap in the market, exercised their little grey cells and Fickaskåp was born.

Fickaskap phone wallet

Tough rip-stop nylon ensures the wallet will last a lot longer than the Audaxer’s favourite: the freezer bag.

What is Fickaskåp you may ask?

It’s a mashup of the Swedish words for pocket (ficka) and locker (skåp). And that is essentially what this is. A waterproof wallet for your phone and valuables.


There is a very strong lockable seal to keep water out. Apparently, it’ll stay watertight for up to 30 minutes to a depth of 1 meter.

The main body of the wallet is made from rip-stop nylon and the clear panel is a TPU film window. This means you can use a touch-screen without taking your phone out of the wallet. Inside is a divider to keep your phone and valuables (or tools), completely separate.

An additional storm flap helps keep dirt out of the sealing mechanism and this itself is held down tight with extra-strong velcro. Overall it is a well thought out and elegant design. Beware, there’s no protective padding. Fickaskåp will keep your tech dry, but it will not protect it from impact damage. Don’t go dropping it!


fickaskap phone wallet

Lock seal ensures water stays on the outside. Phone and other tools ‘n’ trinkets are separated by an internal divider.

So…does it actually work?

The wallet is available in two sizes, regular and large. I tested the large version. It easily swallows an iPhone 8 with case, and will take even larger phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and iPhone 8 Plus. Along with the phone, I stashed away £10, a multi-tool and a set of tyre levers. The divider keeps everything safely away from your precious mobile with no worries of scratches.

fickaskap phone wallet

Phone operation is a doddle.

I’ve tested the Fickaskåp over several weeks including some pretty wet and muddy rides. In all that time, the wallet has remained totally waterproof. The touch screen capability works as intended, although not surprisingly, responsiveness isn’t great in the rain or with muddy hands.

Fickaskåp phone wallet

Velcro ‘storm flap’ provides and extra layer of protection.

If I have one problem it is the divider. I would prefer it if access to this pocket was separate from the main phone section. Picture the scene, it’s wet and muddy, and you need your multi-tool. With the best will in the World, you aren’t going to keep all the mud and rain off the phone. As we all know, mud and phone screens do not make for happy bedfellows.

You could argue that it would be more sensible to stash my tools in a pocket rather than in the wallet. But I prefer to keep everything in one place, it makes a lot more sense and is much more practical.


Overall I am happy with the Fickaskåp. It’s neat, simple and does exactly what Neil and Adrian set out to do – to make a genuinely waterproof valuables wallet that works.

For less than £25, it’s not going to break the bank and it’ll keep water away from your phone.

Fickaskap Waterproof Phone Wallet

Regular: £23.48 Large: £24.97

A waterproof and durable product that'll keep your valuables dry



  • Properly waterproof
  • Tough and light
  • Not bulky


  • A fully separate pocket wouldn't go amiss

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