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Daypacking with Dutch photographer Erwin Sikkens

Erwin Sikkens Daypacking bikepacking Netherlands
Some new fad? The next big thing? No, not really, just a brilliant tongue-in-cheek way to describe big rides and taking in more of the great outdoors.
We chatted to Dutch gravel king Erwin Sikkens about what #daypacking means to him and how to get out there! 

It’s like a like a little zen moment that you have to stop for… It’s more than just drinking coffee or eating soup in nature.

Here’s our video interview with Erwin, hope you enjoy! Unfortunately our plans to bikepack together have had to be postponed, but it’s always great to catch up over a call.

You can play in the background for audio only, or enjoy some of photographer Erwin’s gorgeous shots from his rides around Arnhem by watching too.


Over to you

Do you feel inspired to give daypacking a go? Fish out your stove and cup from the back of the cupboard? Plan a mini day adventure when the weather looks good? Let us know in the comments.

Check out Erwin’s incredible Veluwe gravel Collection on komoot for loads of incredible gravel segments and routes in the Netherlands that are perfect for daypacking rides!



Make sure you check out more of Erwin’s gorgeous riding photography on Instagram and his brilliant routes on komoot. Gravelmania is his own gravel event, based from his home town of Arnhem. If it’s safe in March to take part, it comes highly recommended!

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5 Responses to :
Daypacking with Dutch photographer Erwin Sikkens

  1. Alex Ball says:

    Is it OK to admit here that I really hate tin mugs? Too many burnt hands and lips to love them. They look cool, but they are functionally hateful.

    1. Katherine Moore says:

      Course you can! Always easy to burn a tongue, I find especially with hot choc! What do you tend to use instead?

  2. Mattie says:

    Finally a word to describe my favourite kind of rides!

    1. Katherine Moore says:

      Yes! Always made better with a cuppa, especially if you brew yourself!

  3. The Ron says:

    He’s a nice dude had quite a good chat with him online about how he use’s Lightroom on his shots to get that nice film style. I’ve nearly always got the jetboil, coffee and bagels in my seatpack when I go out that’s the kind of riding I always do. #everydayadventure

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