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Backcountry Research Super-8 Top Tube Strap

Simplify, then add lightness

The Back Country Research Super-8 falls into the Now why didn’t I think of that category. The concept is delightfully simple and incredibly effective. A rubber backed wide velcro strap attaches to your top tube, and two pairs of shock cord loops with rubber tubes are used to secure items. In practice it’s child’s play to operate.

Place the Super 8 in easy grabbing distance!

Keep it simple…stupid!

Weighing in at 35g the only lighter way realistically to attach something to your bike is a couple of wraps of electrical tape! The negligible weight and bulk of the Super 8 means you won’t notice it if you leave it on the bike and switching it to another takes seconds. Constructed from a synthetic rubber called Hypalon, the Super 8 is rot and UV resistant, so when it gets grubby it’ll survive a trip through the wash.

The Super 8 has really come into its own of late. Frosty starts have necessitated big gloves and warm layers but as soon as the sun pops over the treeline you start to overheat. The Super 8 keeps these shed layers secure and to hand if conditions take a turn for the worse again. Far better than cramming jersey pockets to bursting point!

The Backcountry range doesn’t stop at the Super 8 and Keep Pedalling also supply the Mutherload, Race and Camrat straps. These are designed primarily for puncture repair kit and varying sizes of spare tube.

The Super 8 retails for £21.95 in store or can be bought online from Keep Pedalling by clicking here.

Back Country Research Super 8 TT

£21.95 + postage

Super light & super handy



  • Easily switched between bikes
  • No fuss operation
  • You'll barely notice it's there


  • Are you brave enough to pop a phone in it?

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