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Cameras at the ready for our AUTMNL ADVNTR challenge

AUTMNL ADVNTRs Photography Challenge
Summer’s warmth might already feel long-gone, and the once dusty, dry trails will have to wait for another year, but it’s not all doom and gloom. For some, autumn promises some of the best days of the year for riding. We’re launching our AUTMNL ADVNTRs challenge this October to inspire you to get out and make the most of the changing seasons.

In the excellent company of several pro photographers, I was keenly reminded that although I might have already been mourning the end of the summer, a whole new exciting phase was about to begin. “I really like this time of year, it feels more raw,” said Dan Monaghan, the photographer that followed Lachlan Morton’s GBDURO ride in 2019, photographs that would go on to inspire many to try bikepacking and the GB Divide route. 

“I feel more connected to nature riding off road in autumn and winter. It’s a pain to rethink tyre choice for mud plugging, and layering up, plus I get sick of washing muddy clothes and drying shoes. But it’s often the time when everyone else starts to hibernate, and I can still get out.”

AUTMNL ADVNTRs Photography Challenge

Autumn can be one of the best times of the year to ride, according to some. Photo by Irmo Keizer

Agreeing with Dan’s sentiment, founder of pro-slow cycling movement Araf.cc Chris chimed in ,”Autumn is my fav time of year. Today was fresh as fuck and I hope it stays like this. Can’t wait for the trees to change, autumn light and colours are the best”.

This huge dose of PMA amidst an otherwise dreaded winter got us thinking, how could we celebrate this fine season?

The AUTUMNL ADVNTRs photography challenge

AUTMNL ADVNTRs Photography Challenge

Photographer Irmo Keizer and rider Erwin Sikkens demonstrating you can still have a lot of fun riding into the autumn!

The concept is simple; share your snaps from your autumnal rides this October for a chance to win goodies from some of our competition partners and our soon-to-be-launched ADVNTR online shop. We’ll be accepting photos from the 1st-31st October, and all you need to do to enter is tag your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #ADVNTR.

It doesn’t matter what you shoot with, whether you’re using a mobile phone or whether you’re a pro photographer. We’re really keen to see people getting out there and embracing the beauty of the changing seasons.

All entries will be critiqued by our expert panel, including Dan Monaghan, Chris from Araf.cc, pro MTB photographer Samantha Saskia Dugon and our in-house designer, James Webber. We’ll be bringing you some top tips and nuggets of wisdom throughout the month here at ADVNTR, as well as announcing some of the great prizes we have lined up.

All that’s left to for you to do is get out there, and get snapping!


Read the full T&Cs here


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Carrick Armer
Carrick Armer
7 months ago

What about those of us who don’t use Instagram?!

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