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Announced: AUTMNL ADVNTR photo challenge winners

AUTMNL ADVNTRs Photography Challenge
Wow, what a response to our AUTMNL ADVNTR photography challenge! Over the last month we’ve loved checking out all your entries, as well as getting out there ourselves to make the most of the changing seasons. Here, our expert panel of judges reveal our 2020 winners.

We asked three adventure-loving photographers and friends of ADVNTR to help us out by judging your AUTMNL ADVNTR entries, as well as chat to us about why autumn or fall is such a spectacular time of year for riding and photography, their top tips and what they’ve been looking for. If you haven’t already done so, we’d really recommend checking out our interviews with Dan Monaghan, Samantha Saskia Dugon and Chris Hunter.

Each of the three judges nominated two winners from all the hundreds of qualifying entries, giving a grand total of six winners.


Prizes include three 3Point Cycling Camera Straps from Australian bag and accessory maker Skin Grows Back, two adventure shirts from Northumberland-based cycling apparel duo Attacus Cycling, and a handlebar canister bag from Restrap.

Big ups to Skin Grows Back, Attacus and Restrap for the support in providing these.

Chris Hunter from ARAF.cc’s picks

Runner up: @sous_les_bois, Tim Underwood

Chris: This photo really resonated with me. As the nights have drawn in night cycling becomes part of most rides. It’s time to clear your mind and lose track of time. I’m sure anyone who has ridden at night in autumn can relate to what the photo has captured.


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Top spot: @grit.finder, Rick

Chris: This shot just sums up autumnal riding. The light and the colours just make me want to be there. Apricity is the feeling of the warmth of the sun in the cold and that’s one of the best feelings in autumn. I feel like this shot has really captured that.


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Samantha Saskia Dugon’s picks

Top spot: @joekingstonphoto, Joe Kingston
Sam: This was a tough one! I’ve got about 50 photos saved and I could comment on all of them!
Those fucking colours! Jeeeez! This photo makes me want to get out of bed early enough to venture outside for sunrise. Purples, pinks, blues and a hint of orange. Damn. So tasty I could eat it.


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Another f$&cking sunrise ….. loads of purply and red stuff in the sky this morning. Makes the cycling nice and pleasant

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Runner up: @stefan_ku, Stefan
Sam: I’m weak for Scandinavia. So weak. Something about these moody days just inspires me to get all wrapped up and venture outside. So much atmosphere in a photo. I’m equally creeped out by the eeriness as I am inspired.


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Moody ride today. Found a few cool places in our backyard #NeverStopExploring #gravelcycling #advntr

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Sam: A final Honourable Mention goes to @bearlegged, this post just sums autumnal riding!

Dan Monaghan’s pics

Runner up: @immycyles, Immy Sykes

Dan: I keep coming back to this one… it makes me smile every time, so sweet! And autumnal of course.


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It’s my partner’s birthdaaaayyy, and if you know anything about me, it is that I absolutely love riding with him. This photo was from the weekend, when we came across this glade along one of the forest tracks we have started exploring. Behind us is a very still and glassy lake, with loads of dead trees – you kind of had the feeling that all the unseen little creatures were watching as we stood at the edge. I think my partner was pulling some bugs out of my helmet strap, so this isn’t the romantic image it seems to be. But either way, the colours are beautiful, and the sun is shining- it is one of those crisp autumnal #advntr shots. Man cycling is sweeet. #autmnladvntr #morewomenonbikes #cycling #trails #gravelriding #gravelbike #bikepacking #ukcyclechat #ukcycling #cyclist #cyclistofinstagram #cyclinglife #cyclingphotos #truewomencyclists #adventure #getoutside #gooutside #outsideisfree #slowisok #autumn #fallvibes #delamere #welovecycling #sustrans

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Top spot: @georgedibbs, George Dibble

Dan: My first choice , I just love the considered shots in this one that tell a story of a ride. I’m a sucker for the incidental stuff!

Editor: Getting some real Rough Stuff Fellowship vibes with this photo set, love it! Read George’s blog about the trip with his Dad on Bristol Bicycles here.


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Congratulations to everyone that got out there and took part. It was super hard for our panel to choose just six from all those incredible entries… search #ADVNTR on Instagram to browse the rest. We’ll be posting a few of our other favourites on ADVNTR and ARAF.cc soon.

Header image by Irmo Keizer.

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Keith Lackie
Keith Lackie
5 months ago

Some inspiration to get out of bed there! Ever considered releasing an ADVTR calendar? I’d snap that up!

Katherine Moore
5 months ago
Reply to  Keith Lackie

That’s a banging shout!

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