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ADVNTR.cc Update

Website regulars may have noticed that the site has been light on new content over the last couple of months. ADVNTR.cc is part of the ADVNTR Media Group and an expanding client list along...

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Scope R4A Wheelset

What to say about the Scope R4A? A fair bit as it happens – there is a lot going on with these wheels from The Netherlands that I think people might like.   Scope may be a...

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The Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 0 Bike Review

Having once before featured the Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 0 in May 2020, Mark Downie took it upon himself to try it again, but this time in the north of the country where the gravel is a...

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Five minutes with… Focal Events

For those who aren’t aware of Focal Events and maybe don’t realise they’ve attended an event run by you, why not give us 90 seconds on who you are and why you do what you do… We...

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Vittoria Terreno Dry 650b x 47 gravel tyres

Gravel by it’s nature is a category defying type of riding and riders play freestyle with the kit they choose. Vittoria are suggesting that the Terreno Dry is the dry condition tyre in...

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Meet the Maker: Straight Cut

In a bright, top floor studio on a cobbled back street of Edinburgh’s New Town, there is a potentially unique bike-packing bag maker called Ross O’Reilly – the founder of Straight...

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