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Arundel DTR/STR Bottle Cages

Arundel STR/DTR Bottle Cages

Bottle cages should always be made of metal.” Other than one or two misjudged purchases of ultra lightweight carbon cages, this is a rule that I have always stuck firmly to. And so it was with much scepticism when these Arundel DTR and STR Cages arrived from UK distributor Lyon Outdoor.

These carbon cages are location specific. DTR stands for Down Tube Right side entry. STR = Seat Tube Right side entry. Simple really. I’m a big fan of sideloader cages like these as they make swiping your bottle out a breeze. Especially if you’ve got a frame bag fitted and are struggling for space.

Arundel cage

A piece of art, but they do scuff up easily.

The problem with many side-loading cages is that they don’t work that well and fall in one of two categories… Too sloppy resulting in ejecting bottles and too tight, making it impossible to get your bottle out. There’s a few that fall through the net and actually quite good. These Arundel cages are in that special category.

The Arundel STR/DTR cages hold your bottles in an almost limpet like manner, but not to the point you have to fight with it. Rattling down rooty descents resulted in no bottles flying into the undergrowth.They also look pretty smart and are available in both glossy and matte finishes. But most important of all, they’re seriously strong too and at only 25g, should get approval from the weight weenies.

Cervelo Aspero with Arundel on board

Bikepacker friendly!

The Arundel STR/DTR cages feature 4 holes which enable you to mount it high, or low on your bike frame. Setting it in the lowest position made carrying a large bottle possible with a frame bag fitted, if only just.

Typically of anything carbon, they do scratch up easily or develop a careworn patina depending on your perspective. And unlike a metal cage, you can’t ‘nip it up’ if you have a loose fitting bottle. That said, out of a variety of sizes and brands of bottles tested, we couldn’t find one that was a sloppy fit in the Arundel cages.

At £65, the Arundel STR/DTR cages are not cheap, but do fill a special need category in a lightweight, highly functional cage. Highly recommended!

Lyon Outdoor are the UK distributor for Arundel Bicycle Company. Visit www.lyon.co.uk

Arundel DTR/STR carbon cages


Lightweight, strong and keep your bottle in place. What a bottle cage should be.



  • Easy side entry design
  • Lightweight
  • Strong


  • Not cheap
  • Scuff up easily

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Is that £65 each or for the pair? 🤔🤪