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Modern MTB bikepacking bags launched by Apidura

A long awaited update of the Apidura Backcountry series is here, designed for off-road bikepacking, mountain trails and singletrack.

Recent years have seen the introduction of Apidura’s Racing series for ultra distance road riding, and the Expedition series for longer road tours in more challenging conditions. Now it’s the turn for the original Backcountry series to get an update, perhaps the range that we’re most interested in, as it’s optimised for the demands of off-road riding.

The Apidura Backcountry Series V2

Modern mountain bike geometry and component demands were considered at the fore for this completely redesigned series, and more riders take to wider rubber, suspension and dropper post equipped bikes for more hardcore bikepacking adventures and races like the Highland Trail 550 and Silk Road Mountain Race.

While the updated Backcountry series retains some of the original character using the checkered VX21 fabric, welded seams now give superior waterproofing, making the bags more suitable for rough weather conditions. Mountain weather, even.

Three key qualities were held central in the design of the new range; abrasion resistance, increasing accessibility and reducing rattle. In essence, secure and tough bags that make it easy to get to your kit when you really need to.


The Backcountry Series has always been about freedom and empowering riders to think beyond the tarmac, get back to nature and embrace exploration and adventure.


With this refresh, we’re aiming to bring that spirit to an even wider audience of riders, helping them keeping shredding longer; Turn one lap into two by throwing some supplies in a frame pack or make a weekend of it with a full setup.


Backcountry packs have minimal impact on balance, function or performance, so riders can focus on the ride while carrying what they need to make the fun last longer.

We’ve designed it for the type of riding we enjoy doing and are excited to see where people take it.

Modular bikepacking bags

The new packs are rugged and modular, allowing riders to take some weight off their back on a longer ride, carry enough for an over-nighter or head off into the backcountry. At launch, the range includes:

Available 10 November 2020:

Full Frame Pack (6L / 4L / 2.5L)

£144 / 140 / 138

€161 / 157 / 155

$184 / 179 / 176

Frame Pack (2L)




Handlebar Pack (7L / 11L)

£96 / 106

€108 / 119

$123 / 136

Down tube Pack (1.8L)




Saddle Pack (4L / 6.5L)

£118 / 122

€133 / 137

Apidura Backcountry bikepacking bags

Bags will be available from the middle to end of November 2020

Available from 30th November 2020:

Accessory Pocket (4L)




Rear Top Tube Pack (1L)




Top Tube Pack (1L)




Long Top Tube Pack (1.8L)




We’re looking forward to testing out some of the new Backcountry series of bags on some MTB bikepacking trips from ADVNTR HQ soon (covid rules allowing…) and will let you know how they fare. Which pack are you most excited to see developed? Let us know in the comments.

What are we most excited about? Dropper post compatible seatpost packs and the reversible, shock-friendly frame pack. Looks like some full-sus overnighters are on the horizon!

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