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Alpkit Squalline

Alpkit Squalline

Packable protection from the elements

While the worst of Winter weather is now hopefully just a distant memory, it still pays to be prepared. Early morning mist, April showers and fast descents can all chill you to the bone if you are in the wrong kit. Alpkit’s Squalline jacket is designed to provide protection without the usual bulk of a full on winter jacket.

The first thing you notice is that the Squalline is not your typical crisp packet stiff, rustly, shell jacket. It is soft to the touch and very stretchy. There is no restriction when getting down into the drops, or hefting your bike over a gate. It is not until you unzip it and examine the inner face of the material that you can see it is water resistant.


The Squalline has relaxed but not baggy cut. The sleeves did not ride up when on the drops, and the double cuff design pairs up well with gloves to keep the damp and draughts at bay.

Your base layer and winter jersey will fit easily under the Squalline without it being stretched tight. The drop tail is big enough to cover loaded jersey pockets and overlap the small of your back.

On the bike

The double cuffed sleeves and high neck combine to keep the elements out. When it does warm up, the zip is easy to undo one handed. There is none of that needing to use your teeth business fighting a stiff zip!

The large zip garage means no painful beard or chin nipping either!

A mesh vent across the shoulder blades helps to prevent overheating. It also keeps that boil in the bag feeling at bay.

There are no front pockets, instead there is a zipped rear pocket for essentials. This pocket doubles up as a storage bag and makes it easy to store the jacket in your jersey pocket or frame bag.

The steel grey colour has resisted mud staining and provides a contrast from the scenery without being shouty like some fluro colours. There are reflective details on the front and rear to get you noticed in the dark.

Wet weather performance

For a jacket that is sold as weather resistant rather than waterproof, it performs remarkably well. For it’s first wet outing I took a full-on rain shell as back up, but despite persistent showers, never felt the need to change as it was doing a great job of keeping me dry.

Summing up

With the Summer approaching I can see the Squalline being the go-to shell. Being light, breathable and able to keep out all but the worst downpour, it will keep you dry and comfortable without weighing you down.

Alpkit Squalline Jacket


Lightweight protection from the weather



  • High water resistance
  • Lightweight & stretchy
  • Semi-relaxed cut


  • Limited colour choice

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