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ADVNTR launch Gravel Events Calendar

ADVNTR Gravel Events Calendar

With gravel and adventure cycling rapidly becoming the new ‘thing’, organised events are popping up all over the place. How do you keep track of them all? How can you target the right mix of distance, surfaces and geographical location?

The obvious answer is to arm yourself with a pot of coffee, a packet of chocolate hobnobs (or similar) and get online. If you are lucky, you will find an event calendar to guide your browsing. Otherwise, prepare yourself for a long night.

Here at ADVNTR, we were getting just as annoyed as you were. Seeking out gravel events is harder than it should be. If only there was an easier way…

After searching every corner of the internet, we had ourselves a fairly conclusive list of events for the year ahead. And as the caring, sharing types that we are, thought we should share it with the rest of you.

The ADVNTR Gravel Events Calendar includes everything from the world’s biggest ultra-distance bikepacking races, like the Silk Road Mountain Race, to week-long tours and one-day gravel grinders. We hope it inspires our community by shining a light on both well known and lesser known events and enables people to discover the potential that’s out there.

Just look up at the main menu there, you’ll spot a new link suitably titled EVENTS. Couldn’t be simpler!

Conversely, if you are an event organiser and you want to get your event noticed on as big a stage as possible, this has to be your first port of call. The best way to get in touch regarding your event is to make contact on [email protected]

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