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12HoursOfMay: a spring challenge

Albion and Outdoor Provisions present 12HoursOfMay, a cycling challenge that celebrates longer days, the hope of springtime and exploration closer to home. Open to anyone on two or three wheels, and willing to spend 12 hours outdoors in one go.

The idea is simple. British cycling clothing brand Albion is on a mission to help people go outside and stay there for longer, partnering with Outdoor Provisions to provide the fuel needed to take on a 12 hour adventure this May.

Plot a route on komoot and stay outside for 12 hours. It doesn’t even have to be riding time. You could stay in the saddle for 12 hours straight, or for just a few hours before finding a place to sleep and pedalling back home in the morning.

For those unfamiliar with komoot, it offers the chance to showcase your photography, mapping prowess and words to build a story around your ride. We want to hear about your 12 hour attempts and komoot is the perfect tool to share all the cool shots, back alleys, and highlights of your ride.

Sign up for this adventure at 12HoursOfMay.cc and tag Albion and Outdoor Provisions in your Completed Tour to be eligible for prizes. You can find all the information you need on their website as well.

Sign Up, Win Prizes

Everyone who takes part will get a limited edition clothing repair patch. All entries will also be considered for some big prize bundles from Albion (£500 voucher), komoot premium membership and a whole year’s supply of Outdoor Provisions.

Elapsed Time


It’s about the 12 hour window and however you choose to spend it. On road, off road. 30km or 300km. Daylight or night time.

Sleep or no sleep. The only rule is that elapsed time from start to finish must be no less than 12 hours.

It can be longer, but there’s no extra merit.

Ride Etiquette

Plan and attempt your 12 hour effort within your local COVID guidelines, using any restrictions in place to form the idea behind your route. Don’t be a dick. Leave no trace.

Tag Albion and Outdoor Provisions in your rides on komoot and use #12HoursOfMay on Instagram.

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