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Gravel Builds of the ENVE Builder Round-Up 2020

ENVE Bike Builder

The 2nd Annual ENVE Builder Round-Up is currently underway, albeit virtually, over in Utah, USA. Earlier today, we picked up the full exhibitor list to read through the who’s who of frame building specialists.

The exhibition features everything from across the cycling spectrum; Everything from traditional steel road racers to carbon enduro mountain bikes. All kitted out with stunning paint finishes and premium components from the likes of Chris King, Brooks and of course, ENVE.

Beautiful as many of them are, there was only one bike genre that caught our eye. Simply put, if it’s got drop bars and a penchant for gravel roads, we’re interested! So lets take a closer look at the gravel bikes of the ENVE Bike Builder Round-Up 2020.

Breadwinner – Portland, Oregon

Model: B-Road
Material: Steel
@breadwinnercycles / breadwinnercycles.com

Breadwinner ENVE build

Breadwinner B-Road

Another classic from Breadwinner. Big fan of the contrast of the Chris King Matte Bourbon components against the glossy orange.

The B-Road brings traditional steel frame styling and adds big clearance to allow up to a 50c tyre in order to make it Dirty Kanza or Almanzo race-worthy, two events where the B-Road has shined. Custom options abound on the B-Road, from geometry to frame bags.

Horse Cycles – Brooklyn, New York

Model: Monster Gravel
Material: Steel
@horsecycles / www.horsebrand.co

Horse Cycles ENVE Build

Horse Cycles Monster Gravel

Heads up. First sighting of the new ENVE Adventure Fork right here! Loving the Sinewave light setup on the front rack here.

Thomas Callahan of Horse Cycles rolls out a Stainless Steel All Road that once back from the Round-Up, is headed to Peru for a bike packing trip. It features the new ENVE Adventure Fork, offering numerous accessory mounting options.

Moots – Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Model: Routt 45
Material: Titanium
@mootscycles / moots.com

Moots ENVE Build

Moots Routt 45

It isn’t a handbuilt bike show without a Moots in the house!

Since 1981 Moots has been creating some of the most enviable bikes on the market. The most recent update to the Routt 45 brings a longer front-center with slacker head tube, but the biggest news is the increased tire clearance…up to a 50c tire can now be used.

Prova Cycles – Victoria, Australia

Model: Mostro
Material: Titanium
@provacycles / provacycles.com

Prova Cycles ENVE Build

Prova Cycles Mostro

The colour matching going on here is next level. And that dropped titanium chainstay… Swoon!

Prova has only been around for the past six years and they’re quickly making a name for themselves bringing new technology and manufacturing processes. The Mostro will clear up to a 650b x 55c tyre, while still keeping a road fit. It’s designed around long-distance, multi-day riding where the comfort of a road bar is a priority, without having to make sacrifices on tyre width.

Speedvagen – Portland, Oregon

Model: GTFO
Material: Steel
@speedvagen / speedvagen.com


Speedvagen GTFO

When it comes to finishing touches, Speedvagen have the game sewn up. Not sure about those bags though…

Speedvagen’s most adept adventuring rig gets an Adventure Fork for greater mounting options and a paint job that is uniquely Speedvagen. Like most other Speedvagens, the GTFO has numerous other add-ons depending on what someone’s intent might be.

Scarab Bicycles – Medellin, Colombia

Model: Páramo
Material: Steel
@scarabcycles / scarabcycles.com

Scarab ENVE Build

Scarab Cycles Páramo

Well, you wouldn’t want a boring custom bike, would you? 

With clearance for a 700x45c tyre, the Páramo is built around the unknown elements found in the Colombian countryside. Most notable is the paint, which is done in-house and guarantees no two bikes ever being the same.

Bingham Built – Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Model: Adventure
Material: Titanium
@binghambuilt / binghambuiltbikes.com

Bingham Built

Bingham Built Adventure

This looks like the kind of bike you could finish the Tour Divide on. And then just keep on riding south of the border!

Brad Bingham’s personal purpose-built bike packing explorer. For Brad, it’s about all-day comfort with 27.5” Plus tyres and drop bars. Ample mounts ensure there’s never a shortage of stowage possibilities.

Sklar Bikes – Bozeman, Montana

Model: All Road
Material: Titanium
@sklarbikes, sklarbikes.com

Sklar Bikes

Sklar Bikes All Road

The swooping top tube of the Sklar is the first thing you see. Slowly, your eye is drawn out to absorb all the fine details. The Ultradynamico Cava grey n’ tan tyres complement the understated colour scheme perfectly!

One of the three bikes from Bozeman, Montana, the Sklar All Road is made to accommodate just about any type of multi-surface riding. Slightly more upright than a traditional road bike, it’s designed around all-day comfort while incorporating Sklar’s trademark top tube design.

Holland Cycles – San Diego, California

Model: Gravel
Material: Titanium
@hollandcycles, / hollandcycles.com

Holland Gravel

Holland Cycles Gravel

Super clean and classic lines. This is a timeless looking design that is bang up to date on the features.

Purpose-built for 80% gravel, 20% road for the off-road adventures. In the 45 years Holland has been building frames they’ve seen a lot of changes in the market, and the gravel bike has now become the most asked for model in their line. With internal routing for shifter, brake, and dropper post cables, the Holland Gravel is simply clean.

DeSalvo Custom Bicycles – Ashland, Oregon

Model: Gravel
Material: Titanium
@mike.desalvo / desalvocycles.com


DeSalvo Gravel

Like an angry wasp with its arse on fire. The DeSalvo doesn’t look like it’ll hang about. Nice to see some paint applied to titanium too.

Mt. Ashland has some good skiing in the winter, but that doesn’t come close to what summer offers with the nearly endless miles of dirt roads on the mountain and the surrounding Siskiyou range. Those miles of gravel have shaped DeSalvo’s designs and inspiration around what makes a true gravel bike.

Alchemy Bicycles – Denver, Colorado

Model: E-Ronin
Material: Carbon
@alchemybicycles / alchemybicycles.com

Alchemy e-gravel bike

Alchemy E-Ronin

E-bike haters look away now before you go gammon faced. It’s fantastic to see the handbuilt guys embracing the e-revolution!

The E-Ronin is not only the first e-bike from Alchemy, it’s the first US-made, e-gravel bike. Just like any of the other bikes in Alchemy’s line, the E-Ronin is available in custom geometry and numerous colour options.

SaltAir Cycles – Salt Lake City, Utah

Model: All-Road
Material: Steel
@saltaircycles / saltaircycles.com


SaltAir All-Road

We’ve saved the best ’till last in my opinion. I want this for the paint job alone! Distract yourself from the colours for a moment and you’ll see some exquisite lines on this frame. Just look at those super thin stays!

SaltAir Cycles has a loyal following in cyclocross, and are now gaining a new following in Utah
and beyond with their traditional touch and a return to the local artisan experience. The All-Road
blends a traditional steel design with the modern convenience

Head on over to ENVE.com for more news and videos of the event.

Last modified: 29th July 2020

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Katherine Moore
Katherine Moore
2 years ago

I’m with you on the Saltair. Also drooling over the Prova though…

Alistair Hastings
2 years ago

Specs on new fork? Don’t see them listed anywhere.

2 years ago
Reply to  James Deane

Can you tell us when the embargo lifts on the one piece bar and stem? They’re pictured all over but no details are available yet.

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