Frontier 300

Frontier 300 – CANCELLED

Due to the nature of the event and the need for long daylight hours we are now looking at re-scheduling to a similar date 2021. A huge amount of work has gone into planning this event and we are sorry to see that The Frontier 300 will remain a dream for another year!

Another Coast to Coast?

Yes……… and No. While the Frontier 300 does stretch from the Irish Sea to the North Sea, the challenge is more about what lies between those shorelines. The route doesn’t link together iconic roads or tourist honeypots, but journeys through the heart of the old Border Marches, to reach the Salsa beach welcome – food, fire and frontier hospitality.

Go the full 300km solo, or run it relay style with a friend. However you do it, we’ll see you at the beach!

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Event Website: www.frontier300.cc



13 Jun 2020

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