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Dream Builds: Bombtrack Hook EXT

Bombtrack Hook EXT

Lots of cool bikes roll in and out of ADVNTR.cc on a regular basis. So we’re used to seeing nice kit, but it only hangs around so long before the brands want it back. So what would a bike tester build up as their own personal bike? ADVNTR.cc founder, James Deane shows us around his Bombtrack Hook EXT.

Bombtrack Hook EXT

James’ Bombtrack Hook EXT

A lot of the brands we meet have some really amazing gravel bikes. They ride well and look great, but behind the brand it’s usually quite a faceless and corporate world. The team at Bombtrack are the complete antithesis to this. They’re all super passionate about cycling and it shows through in the bikes they design.

Bombtrack are only a small team, but they manage to rock up at so many events. Usually just to ride and have a blast with other riders. Their enthusiasm is infectious. I think I caught the ‘Bombtrack Bug’ after riding with Manuel (of Bombtrack) at the Dirty Reiver, just chatting about bikes, music, Brexit, bikes, gravel… I thought, “this guy really gets it!” and we’ve traded emails back and forth ever since.

We tested a Hook EXT in 2018 and it has always stuck in my mind as one of the sweetest riding gravel bikes of all time. The spec wasn’t anything to get the heart racing, but the bike felt special, involved.

Bombtrack Hook EXT

Something to go The Distance

Our involvement with Focal Events and their zany bikepacking event The Distance, led me to goad Bombtrack into signing up as host sponsor for 2020. That then led me to thinking about what to ride at the event. I could have nagged at Lyon Cycle, their UK importer, for a loan bike, but I fancied something more personal than that.

Shortly after a small hit to my credit card, a 2020 Hook EXT frameset arrived at the office. The card was already smouldering after a purchasing some small batch bourbon… Chris King Bourbon.

The first day I clapped eyes on the matte olive paintwork of the 2020 Hook EXT, I just knew King’s limited edition bourbon components would look perfect. Then there were the collaborations with other small brands. Over several weeks, little parcels of anodised bourbon bike parts steadily arrived. It was turning into an obsession.

Bombtrack Hook EXT

Wheels make or break the build

Chris King hubs are an investment. Their longevity means they’ll likely become family heirlooms which will get passed down through generations of cyclists. Anyway, I wasn’t going to sling them at just anyone with a truing stand and hope for the best.

The Sharp Gravel Wheelset we had on test impressed so much that Ben Sharp was first on my list to call. Ben’s experience with hoops is well regarded, even Pro Tour riders knock on his door for personal wheel builds.

As with any wheel builder worth their salt, Ben didn’t just take the hubs back to his workshop. I was interrogated. “What do you want them for? What is the bike? Where will you ride them? Have you put on much weight during lockdown?”

Chris King R45 Bourbon Hubs

Chris King R45 in limited edition matte bourbon.

Custom wheels may take a little longer than factory sets, but they’re worth waiting for. The end result astounded me. They’re more than just a good set of wheels, they’re an amazing set of wheels.

Ben had spent months testing various carbon rim designs and finally found a profile he was happy to put his name on. They’re a whopping 26.5mm internal width, super light and strong enough to carry my sorry ass and some luggage. With Sapim CX-Ray spokes, this 650b wheelset weighs just 1419g. They save a bunch of rotational weight but still with great stiffness gains. To say I’m happy with Ben’s work is an understatement.

I’ve experimented with tyre sizes but prefer the EXT on 2.1″, it’s a real riot. Like a modern day interpretation of Johnny Tomac’s drop bar MTB! It also makes the Hook EXT a lot more capable over the rough stuff than your usual gravel bike. Riding loaded can add a fair deal of weight and fatter tyres just makes things more stable and comfortable.

Teravail Sparwood

Stop and Go

My intentions for this build is for bikepacking and ‘go anywhere’ rides. So I opted to keep things simple with a single ring up front. SRAM has its haters, but I’ve honestly never had any problems and their 1x systems work faultlessly. The Force 1 on the Hook is well used, having served on various build projects before this. It keeps going and going, even with my total neglect and lack of maintenance.

Keen eyes may spot I’ve a 160mm disc on the fork and a 140mm rear. It’s a vanity thing. I really hated the look of the rear brake with a 160mm adapter. Luckily, I still have enough stopping power!

SRAM Force Brakes

That guy, Ritchey

Steering and hill hauling duties are managed by a 44cm set of Ritchey VentureMax WCS Carbon bars. I really like the shape of the flares and the width gives great leverage in singletrack. The ‘aero’ flat tops limit the real estate available for mounts and accessories, but it’s a great place to rest your palms on long straights.

Ritchey VentureMax WCS Carbon

Ritchey VentureMax WCS Carbon

I agonised over bar tape options for ages. Various hipster designs to match the colour scheme were considered before common sense prevailed. Comfort is way more important than looks. Lizard Skins DSP is personally the best wrap I have found for bars as it’s grippy in all weathers and lasts well. My personal preference is for 2.5mm over the super chunky 3mm. That fat stuff irons out too much feedback from the trail. I’d ride on the road if I didn’t like bumps!

Ritchey C220 stem

Ritchey C220 stem, and Spurcycle bell. In limited edition bourbon, natch.

Ritchey also takes lead on the stem, with a 90mm WCS C220. A ‘careworn’ Brooks Cambium C13 is anchored to Ritchey’s WCS Carbon Link Flexlogic seatpost. It has just enough twang to take the sting out the tail. Normally it is wrapped in electrical tape to save it from total destruction by saddle packs.

Ritchey WCS Carbon Link

Ritchey WCS Carbon Link Flexlogic and trusty Brooks Cambium C13

Small things

The bourbon addiction continues with a limited edition Spurcycle bell. The amazing Shona from Keep Pedalling found this for me and it really is a cool little thing. The tone is just perfect – I usually just ride along ringing it for my own enjoyment…

Lockdown boredom makes you do weird things. I swapped out a load of the button head bolts on the frame for stainless grub screws. Zero function, they just make for a cleaner look overall.

Silca Bourbon

Silca Ti Bourbon cages.

Last but not least are the Silca Titanium cages in ‘bourbon’. These are super light and beautifully made, but also a disappointment. The bourbon finish reacts badly with the world. Just touching them permanently changes their colour to a murky dark brown rather than a rich, golden bourbon.

Bombtrack Hook EXT Spec

Frame: Bombtrack Hook EXT size large

Headset: Chris King NoThreadSet in matte bourbon

Groupset: SRAM Force 1

Chain: Gussett GS-11 in ‘oil-slick’ finish

Wheels: Sharp Precision 650b Carbon 28h, CX Ray spokes and Chris King R45 in matte bourbon

Tyres: Teravail Sparwood 650b 2.1″

Handlebars: Ritchey VentureMax WCS Carbon 44cm w/ Lizard Skins DSP V2 2.5mm bar tape

Stem: Ritchey WCS 220 90mm

Seatpost: Ritchey WCS Carbon Link Flexlogic

Other cool bits: Silca Bourbon Ti cages, Spurcycle ‘bourbon’ bell, Peaty’s x Chris King ‘bourbon’ tyre valves.

Steel, the real deal?

A lot of the bikes we test at ADVNTR.cc are of the carbon variety. They usually all tick the three main Cyclist Buzzwords: Fast, Light and Stiff. The ride of my Bombtrack Hook EXT makes such a refreshing change to these.

It’s a bike that I can just spin away on for miles without feeling beat up. It’s definitely fast when it wants to be, as proven by some random Strava KOMs I’ve picked up. The grip provided by those fat Teravail Sparwood 2.1″ tyres and the Hook’s ability to soak up rough trails, delivers ‘surprise speed’ but most of the time, I’m just happy to roll.

Green bike in green field

Ready for The Distance. But just as good for mucking about in the woods.

Coronavirus has kicked all plans for bikepacking (and The Distance) in the head so far this year. So my loaded travels have been limited to single day tours on out and back trails. I’m itching to take it further afield and cannot wait to travel over to Wales and ride it in the Cambrian Mountains over a long weekend.

And without a doubt, it’ll be the Bombtrack Hook EXT I’ll ride with pride on the 22nd August for The (Socially) Distance(d).



Find out more about Bombtrack by visiting: www.bombtrack.com

Lyon Cycle are the UK distributor. Find your nearest dealer by clicking here.


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23 Responses to :
Dream Builds: Bombtrack Hook EXT

  1. Katherine Moore says:

    I, for one, am drooling.

    1. James Deane says:

      I’ll get a bucket!

  2. Gareth Ottywill says:

    Look nice that, I have the 2018 version, with 700c on as i spend most of time on the road.
    Its very capable though in that format. But 650s feel just as good an to be honest roll just as well with the right tyres.

    1. James Deane says:

      Oh yes! It’s surprisingly capable on the roads with 700’s fitted. So pleased to hear of another super happy Bombtrack owner 🙂

      1. Gareth Ottywill says:

        me again LOL could I ask where/what would you type in for those flat bolts you have for the frame please ta in advance

        1. James Deane says:

          Stainless grub screws are what you need to look for. Like these: https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/grub-screws-set-screws/0137809 🙂

          1. Gareth Ottywill says:

            Thank you very much!

  3. Andy says:

    Love it…..

  4. AJ says:

    Great inspirational build! Here is my Bombtrack Hook EXT x ENVE G23 & cockpit.

    1. James Deane says:

      Wow, nice build! Really like the matching rim decals and top tube bag, that’s smart!

  5. Saitaris says:

    Hi James, what an absolute beauty! Gorgeous build. I’m looking at a Hook EXT frame myself and I’m really torn between sizes M and L. Would you mind sharing your height and inseam? I’m 182cm with a 85cm inseam and I’ve essentially always ridden size 56 frames. Thanks in advance!

    1. James Deane says:

      Hey, I’m 180cm with 82cm inseam and went with the large frame here. We had a medium on test before and felt I was just on the limit size wise.

      Like you, generally always ride a 56.

      1. Saitaris says:

        Hey James, thanks for the reply! Tbh, the large frame already seemed like the logical option since the stack and reach were essentially the same as my 56 frames. Thanks once again. Been in love with this bike for a while now, about time I join the Bombtrack family 🙂

  6. Andy Field says:

    Looks the bomb, especially with those Chris King parts. Guessing that they cost almost as much as the frame 😉

    1. James Deane says:

      The balance may be tipped more towards the components 🙂

  7. Sebastian says:

    Hej, beautiful Build. I am about to build the new ext 2021 to my next gravel machine.
    Any chance you share the BB and corresponding crank you choose. I am getting confused how to get the 86.5 T47 matched wit anything what’s fits SRAM crank sets such Force or Rival 1x. Diameter and length wise.

    1. Jonas says:

      Hey Sebastian,

      Our HOOK EXT uses a 86.5mm wide T47 BB shell. Basically any BB386EVO compatible crankset will fit with the use of an internal BB such as ours: https://bombtrack.com/parts/drivetrain-parts/t47-30-bb/

      BB386EVO cranks have a 30mm spindle diameter and a spindle that is long enough to accomodate the 86.5mm wide shell. Please note that the SRAM Rival 1 crank is only compatible with BB30 (meaning for 68mm wide shells), so you´d have to use a Force 1 crank as these have a longer spindle.

      1. Katherine Moore says:

        Thanks Jonas!

  8. Seb says:

    Absolutely in love with the aesthetics of this one! How much room is left for the rear tire clearance with those 2.1’s? Do you think it can handle 2.2’ in dry?

  9. Renate Crow says:

    What a beautiful build. I have the hook ext 2020 and left it as it comes, (budget constraints) except swapped out the 40T for a 34T for more scope for hills and gear hauling. I love mine as is, but your Burbon Chris King combination components did make my heart pump a bunch faster. Beautiful. I may save up for some carbon wheel set as upgrade later.

  10. Elvaquere says:

    I am waiting for my Bombtrack EXT 2020 frame. Still on the shipment….Really inspiring build……

    1. Katherine Moore says:

      Everyone’s up against it at the moment with supply and shipping. Sure it’ll be worth the wait!

  11. Arno75000 says:

    Hello got the same frae set, wich chris king headset did you put on that one cause my distro tells me the angle is not good… don’t really understand.
    thanks for your answer.

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