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Aussie Grit flint Men’s Bike Jersey

Aussie Grit Flint Bike Jersey

This is Aussie Grit’s take on the ubiquitous race jersey. Competing in the crowded ‘middle of the pack’ price range, the jersey needs to be good to stand out. So how did it fare?


The trademark mid grey fabric marks this out immediately as an Aussie Grit garment. The blue stripe and red logo stand out well but are hardly prominent from more than a few yards away. A refreshing change from the mass of ‘billboard logos’ that you’ll find covering most cycling apparel. The map contour design is a pretty cool signature piece for the brand and this is printed on both the front and rear of the jersey, helping break up what would be an otherwise very understated piece of clothing.

There is a full length zip which is welcome. A word about the zip on my shirt though. Whereas practically every other garment I have ever worn has the (zip) tab on the left, here it is on the right. Whenever I put the shirt on, I instinctively go to zip it up like any other jersey and the results are ‘interesting’! It is easy to fix but somehow, I just can’t unlearn the habit of a lifetime for one shirt!

Aussie Grit Flint Bike Jersey

There is a silicone gripper on the back of the shirt to prevent it riding up. To be honest, I’d prefer it to go all the way round, but it isn’t a big issue really.

There are three rear pockets plus a waterproof security pocket with zipper for keys etc.

Bearing in mind that this is a grey shirt, a decent amount of reflective material would be very welcome. At dusk or in low light conditions, you need every scrap of light and/or reflective material to be noticed. A thin, five inch strip just isn’t enough.

Aussie Grit flint Bike Jersey


According to the size chart, I am a Large…just. One or two more pies and I could be XL! On the whole, the fit is fine, not quite a second skin. If you prefer a looser fitting jersey, the Aussie Grit Trail Jersey is well worth a look.

Thus far, I have found that Aussie Grit’s size chart matches up with their garments pretty well.

Aussie Grit Flint Bike Jersey


I have worn this shirt quite a lot this summer. Unless you have been in a cave since the spring, you will know that it has been pretty hot.

The heat highlighted a pretty basic fault with this garment. The material isn’t the most efficient at wicking away moisture. Within a few minutes I invariably felt clammy and the feeling would last for the whole ride, unless I undid the zip most of the way.

Overall, this is an OK cycling jersey but it isn’t great. In my opinion it needs:

  • Better wicking fabic
  • More reflective material
  • Colour options (brighter)
  • A normal zip configuration.

A decent stab at a race jersey but it doesn’t stand out enough in what is a very competitive sector.

Aussie Grit FLint Bike Jersey

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Aussie Grit flint Men's Bike Jersey


A cool understated jersey design that is possibly too stealthy for the road



  • Good quality
  • Understated colours will appeal to many


  • Strange zip configuration
  • Not enough reflective material
  • Clammy on hot days in the saddle

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